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Training On Your Own – the Eight Peas

Training on your own – the Eight Peas!


Yes, bike PHREAKS, squash all your PREVIOUS mnemonic devices and remember these!

It’s a PRIVILEGE to work out and don’t you forget it!  Seriously, you don’t want to see the people who drag their tired butts into the physical therapy clinic where I work because they didn’t have a clue about staying in shape.  Back pain, dropped arches, arthritis, I could go on.  You, however, have a clue.  So use it!  Don’t get into arguments with yourself about how you REALLY, REALLY should go work out.  Like the ad says, just do it.  You won’t be sorry.

Once you’re working out, be PRESENT to yourself.  Don’t put on the iPod or wander around the universe.  Think about what it is you are doing and how you can improve on it.  If you’re on the bike, think position, think force generation, think keeping your line, if you’re in a group ride.  Do your Kegels, for chrissakes.  If you can’t think about what’s you’re doing, then get really Zen and think about nothing!

PHORM is essential to good cycling.  Keep those sit bones on the bike seat so you don’t imperil your essential body parts.  You want your skeleton, not your soft tissue, to cushion the ride!  Keep your neck and shoulder blades down and back and don’t put a lot of weight on your hands.  Belly button in, heels down, toes up!

Work that POSTERIOR that follows you around all the time – yes, your ASS.  Take a look at the next bike racer you see and check out the ol’ hindquarters.  If your gym has a Butt Blaster, handcuff yourself to it for a couple of hours and work those buns.  If you can do PNF patterns in the gym, have at it, and try to push the weights up without losing your balance.  If you can do squats or the leg press, do those too.  If you can spend some time riding up hills, both standing and sitting, fabu.  All butts, all the time!

We all need to improve BALANCE and PROPRIOCEPTION.  Stand on an up-side down Bosu and do flies with your thumbs up towards the ceiling.  Kneel on a physioball – no hands, and don’t fall off.  Put your feet on a physioball and do pushups.  Lie lengthwise on a foam roll and try to balance with as few hands/feet on the floor as possible and 10 lb ankle weights fastened above your knees.  Hell, ride your bike no hands (but not in traffic)!  Ride your surfboard in a hurricane!

You need lots of lung POWER to ride and race!  Ride your bike to work and race anyone who’ll race you!  Get on an elliptical trainer, but don’t use your arms to hold on!  Go for a run in the park!  Put on some fins and kick in the pool for an hour or two!  Go to Central Park and ride up the Harlem Hill for an hour!

PAIN is incompatible with being in good shape.  If what you’re doing is painful, stop doing it and try to figure out what you could be doing differently.  Change your position and see if that helps.  If it’s a sore muscle, stick a thumb into it, deeply, and see if you can work it out.  If the pain is just from working out too hard, you’re doing a fabulous job!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Have PHUN!