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    News from the Board – 2013

    The social media revolution is a-tweeting faster than you can say megabyte, and these new mores can no longer be ignored at Fast and Fabulous.  The new board – Bob Nelson, Eric Lehman, David Roycroft and Phil Greenwald – want to wish you a happy new year and a fulfilling year of bicycling.  But we also want you to know that we have heard the siren call of Facebook and will be posting group events there as well as to the e-mail list,

    We’re embarking on our third full year as an independent nonprofit organization, and the first item on all of our gay agendas is to join, or renew, membership in the club, by going to our membership page, downloading a membership form, enclosing a check for $30 to the Fast and Fabulous Cycling Club and mailing it to our treasurer, Phil Greenwald.  His address is on the form.  As the city stripes new bike lanes and launches a bike share program this year, we believe it’s an exciting time to be involved in cycling.  We’re looking forward to bringing you a great year of tours, racing, dinners, activism and fellowship.

    New this year, we’re conducting a series of gym workouts called Bike Racer Workouts, and the first, held Jan. 19 at H&D Physical Therapy on West 46th St., was a rousing success.  We’re hoping to use the gym format as a way to build interest and community that will carry over to the bike rides, which seem to have become fewer and more forlorn in the last couple of years.  For those with the hot passion for racing, we’ll be listing races that include riders from Fast and Fabulous and our sister club, Outcycling.  We welcome your participation as racer or spectator.  The eventual point of this activity is to build a joint Outcycling and Fast and Fabulous racing team that will participate in the Gay Games in Cleveland in August, 2014.

    There is also a small but very active band of randonneurs in the club, and they are planning a series of brevets in the spring and summer that build on existing rides.  Tim Guscott, for example, this June will be riding P’town to Boston the day before Boston to P’town, testing the proposition that everything looks different backwards.  We’ve also put a scenic, and very hilly, four-day tour of the Finger Lakes on the calendar for July.  The eventual point of this activity would be to send a group to the grandmommy of all long rides, Paris-Brest-Paris in August, 2015.

    For those without the hot passion of racing, or for whom a trip to the dentist would be preferable to riding a century, we’re creating a series of monthly dinners, the aptly named Wheels to Meals, usually taking place on a Friday or Saturday night at the end of the month.  The idea here is to ride your bike to the restaurant, whether it’s in Bridgeport or the Bronx, to work up some appetite for some of our fave eats.  If you’ve got a spot you’d like to share with the gang, holler at us and we’ll put it on the agenda.

    We’d like to increase our active membership this year, so please remember our club motto (or at least one of them), “We recruit”, and encourage anyone you know who might be thinking of dipping a toe onto a pedal.  Or mention our gay camaraderie and fine dining to tempt any seasoned cyclists you might know to join us.  Newcomers don’t have to join for the first ride, so they have a chance to kick our tires (as it were) before committing. We want to attract as diverse a cycling population as we can reach!