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    Other Cycling and Sports Clubs, Mostly Lesbian / Gay None of the links below is to a for-profit company. All are sports, recreational, government or advocacy organizations. Local (New York Metropolitan Area) Clubs

    • Brooklyn Boys on Bikes – a new Meetup group for Brooklyn and Brooklyn-friendly fellas who want to explore different parts of the borough on bike with local gays.
    • Dykes on BiCycles – for all dykes, lesbians, trans and gender queer individuals who tackle the city on two wheels.
    • Outbike NJ – New Jersey
    • Outcycling – This New York LGBT cycling club features morning training rides in Central Park and on the West Side bike path.
    • Out of Bounds – a network of LGBT sports and recreational organizations in the metro New York region.
    • New York Cycle Club – an educational and recreational organization for bicycle enthusiasts in New York City.
    • New York Tritons – New York’s LGBT triathlon club
    • Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society – an organization of gay men and lesbians who enjoy outdoor sports.
    • Transportation Alternatives – a New York-based advocacy organization for cyclists and pedestrians.
    • Time’s-Up! – the New York flavor of the worldwide direct-action environmental conspiracy known as Critical Mass.
    • The Weekday Cyclists in NYC – a fabulous group led by women that does leisurely rides on Tuesdays in Central Park and Thursdays to more exotic destinations.
    • Women About – a New York based women’s outdoor group.

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