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    Board of Directors, 2013

    President: Bob Nelson  Bob Nelson and Debbie Bell started Fast and Fabulous in 1994, as a committee of Front Runners New York. Bob singlehandedly mismanaged the organization for 15 years thereafter, until he finally got sick of the whole thing and shoved it off on friends. Now he’s happy to be back meddling with things. In his non-bicycling life, he’s a physical therapist and effete aesthete who loves opera, fine wine and New York City neighborhoods north of the George Washington Bridge.
     Eric on the Road in Canada Vice President of Rides: Eric Lehman I am pleased to be part of the Fast and Fabulous leadership team.  As VP for events I hope to convince as many as I can that most things just look better from behind the handlebars of a bike. I ride everywhere, all the time. I arrive fashionably sweaty, unfazed by helmet hair, but usually smiling. I have three great bicycles, two lovely turtles and one sweet boyfriend, also in Fast and Fabulous. Come join!
    Secretary: David Roycroft David became acquainted with road bikes at the University of Oregon, where he commuted to campus on a new Peugeot until the rains came, and renewed his love affair with bicycles in Chicago, where he was a founding member of the Windy City Cycling Club. When not riding, he tells himself there’s no such a thing as a stupid question and otherwise carries out the duties of an assistant branch manager of a large metropolitan library.
    Treasurer: Phil Greenwald Phil’s family starting bicycling when he was 13 and he has never looked back, at least metaphorically – he is a safe bicyclist and tries to know if there is somebody behind or beside him. He commutes by bicycle and participates in local rides and has also gone on bicycling vacations, most recently mountain biking in Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah. He is also an avid runner. He lives on the Upper West Side and works at an international bank in Jersey City, NJ.

    Website Development

    Shawn Hill in Moab, Utah

    Webmaster: Shawn Hill Shawn joined Fast and Fabulous back in 1996, He has designed three jerseys for Fast and Fabulous over the years and has been the webmaster for a number of years. He currently is obsessed with mountain biking and tandem riding.