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  • Fast and Fabulous Cue Sheets: In and Around New York

    Fast and Fab tries to make available to its members our own up-to-date cue sheets that indicate a cumulative distance at each turn. This is a labor-intensive task, so we’d like to encourage club members who have the opportunity to help keep the merchandise fresh by riding cue sheet routes and updating the information.

    If you have a fave route, by all means share it with the group. Our webmaster is partial to the cue sheet template to be found here, and our content editors ask that you check your info against a map, such as the Gmap pedometer or Topozone, and indicate roads that may have more than one name by putting a space, slash, and space between them, as in Rt. 8A / Locust Point Rd., placing route numbers first when they are part of the entry.

    All that said, it’s best to admit upfront that no two cyclocomputers are going to agree exactly, so distances indicated on our cue sheets should be used as estimates. We’re also trying to indicate the date each cue sheet was last updated, so check the date of the cue sheet you’re riding for freshness.