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Aug. 27, 2000

by Rosario Gennaro

Here’s a bucolic, 45-mi. ride that meanders among the lakes of lower Westchester
County.  Mileage is cumulative from the start; some quick turns are marked by
number (1st left, 2nd right, etc.) rather than by mileage.

Key: L=Left Turn, R=Right Turn, BR=Bear Right, BL=Bear Left, GF=Gaily Forward,
X=Cross, XU=Cross Under, XA=Cross Above, eor=end of road.

Start Pelham Bay Subway Station Cross on the other side of I-95 to beginning of Bike Path
1m X Shore Road Path continues by the horse stables
3m   End of Bike Path Continue straight down the hill
3.5m L Pelhamdale Ave  
5m R First St  
1st L Highbrook Ave  
eor R Vaugham Ave  
1st R Lakeside Dr  
1st L Bergholz Dr Glenwood Lake on your left
eor L Pershing Ave
6.4m R Eastchester Rd At the end of Eastchester Rd Huguenot Lake on your left
7m R North St Move immediately to left lane
1st  L Beechmont Dr  
7.9m L Pinebrook Blvd Pinebrook Lake on your left
9.5m XU Quake Ridge Rd (Route 125) Sheldrake Lake on your right
10.9m L Stratton Rd  
2nd R Sheldrake Pl  
2nd R Harlan Dr  
11.3m L Daisy Farm Rd At the end of the road follow the narrow path that starts at the sign
Carpenter Pond 

(which will be on your right). You will come out on the continuation of Daisy
Farm Rd
12.2m L Wilmot Rd  
12.7m R Lakeshore Dr Follow all the way to the end. The drive continues on the right.
Hutchinson Reservoir 

No.1 will be on your left the whole time (behind a line of

13.6m L California Rd  
14.3m R Manchester Rd It will become Lincoln Ave
15.3m L Columbus Ave  
16.2m R Main St Cross center of town and bear right, it will become Scarsdale Rd. 

X Bronx River Parkway  then bear right to the continuation of Scarsdale
17.8m L Crisfield Rd Killer hill.
18.2m L Nassau Rd not marked
eor R Andover Ave becomes Beaumont Circle. Crestwood Lake on your left.
18.6m R Roxbury Dr X Central Park Ave (Route 100) and then you will have another hill.
19.2m R Whitman Rd  
19.5m R Newport Rd Hill
eor R Jennifer La Steep downhill
eor R Grassy Sprain Rd Sprain Reservoir on your left (if you can see it)
eor L Jackson Ave It will become Ravensdale Ave
22.4m L Saw Mill River Rd (Route 9A)
1st R Farragut Ave It’s really just the parking lot for the bike path
1st R South County Trailway Follow bike path to the end. Woodlands Lake on your left. 

At the end (route 119) turn around and go back to Farragut Ave.
35m R Saw Mill River Rd (Route 9A) X Tuckahoe St, it will become Rossiter Ave (big hill).
eor L Lockwood St  
eor R Mile Square Rd Follow signs to stay on Mile Square Road (it winds around a
39m L Midland Ave  
eor R Kimball Ave Rolling Hills. At some point Hillview Reservoir will be on your
right, although 

you cannot see it (it’s NYC largest reservoir of water). X McLean Ave and 

it will become Van Cortland Park East.

eor L E233rd St  
43.5m R Webster Ave  
45m X Gun Hill Rd At this point the ride officially ends. The no.2 subway is one block to
your left, 

and the no.4 line is one block to your right. The best bike route back to 

Manhattan is to follow Webster Ave, then take a R on Mosholu Pkwy, 

then L on Grand Concourse and then R on E138st to the Madison Ave bridge.