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Tour de Bergen


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August 19, 2000

by Ronn Seely

We’ve all explored Bergen County, but this 60-mi. route makes some turns you’ve
never made before.  The start is at the entrance to the pedestrian ramp on the
New York side of the George Washington Bridge bike path.  Reset your odometer,
go up ramp and cross the bridge!

L=Left Turn BL=Bear Left X=Cross
R=Right Turn GF=Gaily Forward XU=Cross Under
BR=Bear Right eor=end of road XA=Cross Above
1.3 L on Hudson Terr. (Rt 505) immediately after bridge
1.5 BL at stop (still on 505)
1.7 L halfway down hill; enter Palisades Park; take the road to the left (Hudson
Dr.); follow this road under the bridge and north (caution: bumpy road)
2.7 BL traffic circle; take the left (upper) road
4.5 GF “gaily forward” straight ahead
8.9 BL another circle; again take the left (upper) road up the infamous big
9.9 L at top of hill, towards 9W (optional: if time permits, go back down the
hill and do it 3 or 4 more times)
10.1 R onto Rte. 9W north
14.2 L on Oak Tree Rd., shortly after going down State Line Hill
15.5 X Rte. 303. Are you drinking enough water?
16.2 L on Main St. (Rt. 8); becomes Tappan Rd. when you cross back into NJ. Follow
this road for several miles. Becomes Harriot Ave. in Harrington Park, Rivervale
Rd after that.
24.5 L on Grand Ave. (Rt. 2). Follow Rt.2 for several miles. Crosses Garden St.
Pkwy and becomes Lake St., then Ramsey Rd.
31.2 L at light at big intersection; you’re still on Rt. 2, and the name changes
back to Lake St. and then becomes Main St. in Ramsey. Stay on this road as it
becomes Wycoff Ave (no longer Rt. 2).
35.7 GF on Godwin Ave (Wycoff veers off right)
36.3 L on Franklin Ave (Rt. 502 East). PIT STOP: Dairy Queen at this intersection
has hard and soft ice cream and convenient bathrooms ’round back.
Now we follow Rte 502 East almost all
the way back to 9W. It’s clearly marked, but I’ve indicated the major turns.
Start on Franklin Ave, which changes to Wycoff.
38.8 R on Franklin Tpk (still 502) at T
39.4 L on Hollywood (502)
40.0 BL (502)
40.7 R on Saddle River Rd. (502) at T
41.3 BL on Wearimus (502); becomes Washington Ave.
44.5 BR on Broadway (502) in downtown Westwood
48.8 R on Closter Dock Rd (502)
48.9 BL still on Closter Dock
49.3 X Piermont Rd (Rt 501)
50.0 R on Anderson Ave
50.7 GF merges into County Rd (Rt 501 South)
Follow 501 South through Tenafly: left at light, then right, then bear
53.3 R on Engle St. (still 501), then right away –
53.4 L on Woodland Park Dr.
53.9 R on Leroy St. at T; becomes Elkwood
54.6 L on Davison at T
54.8 R on Lydecker
55.3 L on Walnut, up the hill to T
55.9 L on Woodland at T, then right awa –
56.0 R on Pershing
56.3 R on Summit Ave
56.6 L on Palisades Ave
56.9 X Sylvan Ave (9W)
57.0 R on Hudson Terrace
59.0 L over the GW bridge
60.2 Miller time!