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Staten Island Giddy-Up

Transportation Alternatives
Summer 2000

by Clarence Eckerson Jr

This 40-mi. ride boasts many exciting premiums. You’ll jaunt past Snug Harbor,
the Staten Island Zoo, Historic  Richmondtown, the Staten Island Lighthouse and
into the Gateway National Recreation Area. The terrain ranges from very hilly (Todt
Hill, Lighthouse Road) to mostly flat with intermittent upgrades. Traffic is
light to moderate except on Todt Hill and the last mile of Hylan Blvd.

Cool ocean breezes make this a great ride on a warm summer day. If you get tired
or have a catastrophic breakdown, once you’re less than a mile from the Staten
Island Rapid Transit trains once you reach the southernmost tip at the turn onto
Hylan Blvd.  The train will take you back to the St. George Ferry Terminal.

From Manhattan, take the Staten Island Ferry, which is free, from the Whitehall
Ferry Terminal at the Battery.  Cyclists must use the lower level and walk their
bikes onto the ferry.  For departure times, call (718) 815-BOAT.

Key:  R = Right turn                L
= Left turn
        BR = bear right                BL
= bear left
        QR = quick right                QL
= quick left
        GF = Gaily forward!            X
= Cross
        x.x = cumulative mileage.

0.0        GF    Exit ferry. 
Immediate R onto Richmond Terrace.
1.8        Snug Harbor Cultural Center, which is
worth a visit.
2.3        L
2.8        R
    Henderson. Go two blocks on Henderson and hang a left on

3.9        R
    Clove Rd.
4.4        L    Martling. Visit the
Staten Island Zoo, if you’re so inclined.
4.7        L
5.6        GF    Becomes Todt Hill
Rd.  Climb!  If you’re game, explore side roads

            for majestic views of
the Verrazano Bridge and New York City.
7.8        R
8.8        R
    Rockland Ave.
9.4        L
9.8        L
    Terrace Ct. Follow this around the bend as it becomes

            Rd.  To your left: the
Atlantic Ocean.  Up on your right: the grand
            Staten Island
    Richmond Hill Road. Up ahead is Historic Richmondtown, a
of 18th-century Staten Island.  Good place for a break!

10.8        L    Arthur Kill Rd.

18.8        L    Bently, as soon as
you see the dead end sign for Arthur Kill. Go two
and make R on Craig Ave.
19.5    L    Hylan Blvd.
27.3    R
    Into Great Kills Park.  Go to the end (Crookes Point) and
back (2 mi.

            each way) for views of
Brooklyn, New Jersey, Manhattan and the
            Verrazano.  OPTION: 
You can ride the adjacent multi-use path, but
            the speed limit is 10
mph and it’s often congested with pedestrians,
            bladers and children.

31.3    R
    Back onto Hylan.  Use caution, heavy traffic.

31.9    R    Guyon.
32.3    L    Old Mill Rd.
32.8    R
33.2    L    Cedar Grove.  Enter Miller Field and
cross to the other side. Look

            for large opening in
the fence directly opposite where you entered the
            park.  Go through. 
Enter the Father Capodanno Blvd. bike lane.
36.5    GF    Father Capodanno Blvd. banks L to
become Lilly Pond Rd.
            Continue under Rt. 278
(careful, stick to the bike lane) and bear R
            onto School Rd.
37.4    L    Bay St.

40.4        St. George Ferry Terminal.