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South Mountain via GWB

South Mountain via the George Washington Bridge
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Why do this ride and what you’re in for:
Riders often want to explore the turf west of Newark, which marks the
western border of New Jersey’s built-up industrial area, but don’t want
to travel through said industrial area.  Here’s a longer way that takes
you over the GWB through reasonably pleasant suburbia to Millburn, just
south of South Mountain Reservation.  You can hook up with Fast and
Fab’s cue sheet going further west, to New Hope and eventually
Quakertown, Pa., or explore South Mountain, then catch the train back to
Manhattan at the NJ Transit station in Millburn.  NJ Transit does not
require a bike pass, but conductors may direct you to a
wheelchair-accessible car, which will have lots of room to stow the
bikes.  It’s unwise to try boarding an NJ Transit train with a bike
during weekday rush hours, as the system prohibits this activity.
L Left
Route By: Bob Nelson R Right
Date Last Checked: 29-May-04 GF Gaily Forward
BL Bear Left
BR Bear Right
X Cross
Distance Direction Road / Landmark
0 GF Cabrini Blvd. and West 178th St. in Manhattan, where the bike ramp over
the GWB begins.
1.3 L Hudson Terrace, first left you can make in New Jersey.
1.4 BR Bigler St., short one-way uphill after first stoplight
1.5 R Main St., Fort Lee
2.5 X Uner Rt. 46; becomes Fort Lee Rd.
3.8 GF Bridge over Overpeck Creek, becomes Degraw Ave.
4.1 GF Bridge over Rt. 95
4.7 L Teaneck Rd.
4.8 R Next right, Fort Lee Rd.
5.8 GF Cross railroad tracks on grade-level sidewalk; becomes West Fort Lee Rd.
6.3 GF Bridge over Hackensack River.; welcome to Hackensack.
6.4 L First left is River St.
6.5 R First right is Court St.
6.7 R Main St.
6.7 L First left is Sussex St.
6.9 L First St., after railroad tracks.
7 R Essex St.; you’ll go by Hackensack Medical Center on the right.
7.4 L South Summit Ave.
7.8 GF Bridge over Rts. 17 and 80.
9.5 R Passaic Ave., at roundabout (called a “traffic circle” in New Jersey).
10.3 L South Main Ave.; St. Peters College across the street.
11.1 L to stay on Main Ave.; may be called Ross Rd. here.
12 GF Bridge over the Passaic River.
12.1 L After bridge, sharp left onto River Dr.; you’re under McCarter Highway.
12.8 R Van Houten Ave.
14.9 X Mount Prospect Ave.; welcome to Clifton.
15.7 X Go under Garden State Pkwy.
16.7 L Valley Rd.; there will be views of Manhattan to your left.
18.4 R Normal Ave.; may also be called University Ave.; Montclair State on your
19.1 L Reservoir Drive
19.7 L Rt. 641/Ridge Rd.
20.9 L Rt. 23/Pompton Ave.
21.8 X Bloomfield Ave.
21.8 R Bear right onto Prospect Ave.; Eagle Rock Reservation on your right.
24.2 GF Bridge over Rt. 280.  Entering region of many golf courses.
25.8 R Northfield Ave.
27.2 L Cherry Lane; may also be called Brookside Drive.  Fabulous downhills and
views through South Mountain Reservation.
28.4 GF South Orange Ave.; take a detour right for views of Manhattan on a good
day; make right on Crest Drive.
30.6 ? You’re at Old Short Hills Road; make left to hook up with Fast and Fab
cue sheet to Quakertown, Pa., make right to follow this cue sheet to the
Millburn NJ Transit station back to New York.
30.7 GF Becomes Main St.
30.8 L Millburn Ave.
30.9 L Lackawanna Place; go under railroad tracks.
31 R Entrance to Millburn NJ Transit station parking lot.  Enjoy the ride!

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cue sheet as a PDF