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Sandy Hook And Twin Lights

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Sandy Hook and Twin Lights
Fast and Fabulous Cycling Club
L Left
Route by: Alfredo Garcia R Right
Last Date Checked: Sept. 3, 2007 GF Gaily Forward
Checked by: Bob Nelson BL Bear Left
BR Bear Right
X Cross
Distance Direction Road / Landmark
0 L From Post Theater, near ferry terminal barge, turn onto
Harthorne Dr., or ride bike path parallel to drive

5.1 GF Sandy Hook toll booths
5.3 R Rt. 36 / Ocean Ave., narrow shoulder
7.3 R Rt. 520 – Sea Bright / Rumson Rd. at light
7.6 L First right onto Ward Ave. (no sign) to end
7.8 L Hartshorne Lane; becomes Ridge Rd. after Navesink Ave.
8.6 R Rt. 34 / Ave. of Two Rivers, to end; this is easy to
9.2 L Meadowbrook Ave.; no sign, look for portapotty at fence
9.3 BR E. River Rd. at Rumson Boro Hall
9.8 R Rt. 8A / Bingham Ave.
9.9 GF Oceanic Bridge
10.7 BR Rt. 8A / Locust Point Rd.
11.6 R Lakeside Ave. to end, easy to miss
12.2 R Monmouth Ave. / Rt. 8B (Locust Ave. bridge closed in
12.6 BL Navesink Ave.; going GF here takes you into Hartshorne
12.7 GF Hartshorne Park, for the mountain biking set
13.2 BL Sign for Scenic Dr.; steep climb, watrch for traffic
13.2 X Rt. 36, traffic; go one block on Orchard, then
13.2 X Ocean Blvd
13.3 GF Scenic Dr.; climb; takes you on a scenic loop
13.5 R Mt. Mitchill lookout; in 8-04 this was closed for
13.8 L QuickChek shop, possible food stop
13.9 R Rt. 36 /’ Navesink Ave., turn carefully
15.2 R Portland Rd. at Off the Hook Restaurant
15.2 R First right onto Highland Ave.
15.2 L Lighthouse Rd., steep climb
15.5 X Twin Lights, possible lunch stop.  Retrace route back to
Rt. 36 to continue.
15.9 R Highlands Bridge
16.2 BR Brown sign to Sandy Hook
16.3 R Climb bridge ramp to Sandy Hook
16.6 BR Hartshorne Dr.; watch for traffic on right.
16.8 BR To reach bike path past the toll booths
R First right onto Atlantic Dr. (no sign)
20.8 X Gunnison Beach, nude beach, possible stop
R Atlantic Dr.
22.2 R Atlantic Dr., to end
22.4 L Kilpatrick Rd., no sign
22.5 R Canfield Rd., to end
22.6 R Hartshorne Rd.; follow past Rodman Cannon and Post
Theater to ferry terminal.