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Rye And Port Chester


A Different way to Rye and Port Chester

By Rosario Gennaro

R=Right Turn L=Left Turn
BR=Bear Right BL=Bear Left
QR=Quick Right QL=Quick Left
GF=Go Forward X=Cross
XU=Cross Under XA=Cross Above
eor=end of road

Mileage is cumulative from the start point and is approximate.
Sometimes close turns are marked by number (1st left, 2nd right etc) rather
than by mileage.

Start Pelham Bay Subway Station Cross on the other side of I-95 to beginning of Bike Path
1m X Shore Road Path continues by the horse stables
3m End of Bike Path Continue straight down the hill
3.5m L Pelhamdale Ave
5m R First St
1st L Highbrook Ave
eor R Vaugham Ave
1st R Lakeside Dr
1st L Bergholz Dr Glenwood Lake on your left
eor L Pershing Ave
6.4m R Eastchester Rd At the end of Eastchester Rd Huguenot Lake on your left
7m R North St Move immediately to left lane
1st L Beechmont Dr
7.9m L Pinebrook Blvd Pinebrook Lake on your left
9.5m XU Quake Ridge Rd (Route 125) Sheldrake Lake on your right
10.9m R Stratton Rd
eor L Rural Dr
11.8m R Crossway
eor L Mamaroneck Rd
2nd R Saxon Woods Rd Follow winding road to the end
eor R Mamaroneck Ave Watch out for fast car traffic. Stay on the shoulder.
14.2m L Union Ave Follow signs for Harrison and Rye
eor L Sunnyridge Rd
eor R North St
1st L Locust Ave
17.8m L Purchase St Food Stop: Bagel Place at the corner of Locust and Purchase.
18.4m BR Ridge St
19.3m R Westchester Ave Welcome to Connecticut
20.2m R Main St becomes Grace Church St, welcome back to New York State!
21.7m L Forest Ave
23.3m R Oakland Beach Ave X Route 1, and it will become Osborn Ave
24.7m L Coolidge Ave
eor R Park Ave At the next big intersection, bear LEFT and remain on Park Ave
eor R English Pl
1st L Halstead Ave
27.5m X Mamaroneck Ave and bear LEFT on Mount Pleasant Ave
1st BR Palmer Ave at mile 28.5 look on the right for a chinese-looing kiosk: 

stop for the best hot-dogs in Westchester

31.4m L Cedar St follow signs for Business District and then for Shore Road
1st L Ramada Plaza
1st R River St becomes Echo St
32m R Pelham Rd
34m R Pelhamdale Ave
34.5m L Manor Circle back to the bike path we took at the beginning
35m GF Pelham Bike Path
38m End Pelham Bay Subway Station If you feel like biking back to Manhattan, follow Westchester Ave
to Grand Concourse to the E138 St Bridge