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Reach The (Long) Beach



Transportation Alternatives

May/June, 2000

by Hal Ruzal and Clarence Eckerson Jr.

Though it’s a long ride to Long Beach, in Nassau County – about 55 mi. round
trip – it’s a fun way to get in a workout and a dose of sun. The good:  few
stops, few turns, few traffic lights.  The bad: potential for omnipresent
headwind.    Best:  If you’re too tired to return, you can bail out via the Long
Island Railroad in Long Beach, if you’ve remembered to bring your bike pass, or
at the A train’s Rockaway Beach stop, only five miles away.  This route,
published in the May/June 2000 issue of Transportation Alternatives, uses the
Veteran’s Memorial Bridge since the Marine Parkway Bridge was closed at the
time.  However, that route also takes you on a great six-mile stretch along the
Shore Parkway bike path.



R Right Turn L Left Turn
BR Bear Right BL Bear Left
QR Quick Right QL Quick Left
GF Gaily Forward X Cross
x.x Cumulative Mileage


0.0 R

Start at the Grand
Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park.  Enter park;
follow roadway counterclockwise until you reach the exit at the south end of the park (2nd left).

1.6 R Exit at south end of park.
Go halfway around traffic circle and continue on Coney Island Ave.
2.1 L Albermarle (don’t miss it!)
2.4 R Rugby Rd.
4.0 L Ave. K
4.6 R Bedford
7.4 L Emmons
8.0 GF Enter Shore Parkway bike
path at Binham
14.0 L Pennsylvania
15.0 R Cozine
16.2 L Crescent
16.6 R Loring. Continue around dirt
pile; “dead end” becomes 149th St. on the other side. (You’re in Howard
17.5 R 84th St.
17.9 R Shore Parkway, then L at
156th Ave., which becomes 84th again under overpass.
18.9 L 164th Ave
19.3 R Onto Cross Bay Blvd. bike
lane. Go over Addabbo Bridge
23.1 L At end of bike lane, make L
to cross over Veteran’s Memorial Bridge
24.0 L At end of ramp continue L
(east) on Beach Channel Drive.
26.7 X Pass under subway trestle;
becomes Seagirt Blvd.
28.3 BR Look for bike signs. Bear R
on sidewalk to cross Atlantic Beach Bridge.
28.8 L Park becomes Beech.
31.6 R New York Ave.
31.7 You’ve reached the Beach

For the return,
retrace your steps back to Howard Beach.  After passing around the dirt pile on
Loring, continue, then pick up the following directions:

47.1 L Crescent
47.4 R Cozine
49.4 L 103rd St.
49.5 R Flatlands Ave.
50.0 R 94th St.
51.0 L Ave A, R 92nd St., R Church, L East 95th
to cross Linden Blvd. safely
52.2 L East New York Ave.
52.3 R Rochester, then immediate L on Crown
54.0 R Washington Ave.
54.6 L Eastern Parkway back to Grand Army Plaza