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Quakertown, PA To Newark


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Quakertown to Newark’s Penn Station
Fast and Fabulous Cycling Club
Why do this ride and what you’re in for:

This route retraces the same route we took to get to Weisel Hostel, until we get to Lambertville. Then we take a few turns suggested by Geoff Green, our Rocky Hill sag stop. The advantage to passing by Geoff’s place is that we get to take Canal Rd., which parallels the Delaware-Raritan Canal and is as flat as the canal is. NJ Transit is not a reliable way to sag on the trip back, since most conductors are unwilling to allow cyclists with bikes onto trains on Memorial Day, though whether that is official policy is uncertain.

      L Left
Route By: Bob Nelson, Shawn Hill and John Zenkus R Right
Date Last Checked: 29-May-06 GF Gaily Forward
Checked By: Bob Nelson BL Bear Left


Bear Right
    X Cross


Direction Road / Landmark    
0 L On Richlandtown Rd. leaving Weisel Hostel.    
0.6 L Sterner Mill Rd.    
0.7 R Mountainview Dr./ Rt. 563.    
1.6 L Dublin Pike / Rt. 563/313.    
2.3 L

3 Mile Run.



To stay on 3 Mile Run.    


R Sterner Mill Rd.    
3.5 BL Elephant Rd.    
4.3 X Ridge Rd.    
7.1 X Bedminster Rd. / Rt. 113.    
7.5 BR To stay on Elephant Rd.    
8.8 L

S. Main St. / Rt. 313; becomes S. Dublin Pike.



Stump Rd., at light.    


X Rt. 611.    
14.7 R Durham Rd. / Rt. 413.    
17.1 X Pt. Pleasant Rd.    
18.1 L Carversville Rd.    
20.5 L Fleecydale Rd. at T.  Sign not obvious.    
20.8 BL At Bridge. Stay on Fleecydale Rd.    
22.6 R River Rd. / Rt. 32.    
22.8 SAG Pedestrian bridge, walk bikes.  Deli with good
coffee further 
  down Rt. 32 from pedestrian bridge, in Lumberville.    
22.9 GF Becomes Quarry Rd. in Bull’s Island Recreation Area.    
23.2 R Daniel Bray Hwy. / Rt. 29.  Optional canal path to
25.9 BR To stay on Rt. 29.    
28.9 X Rt. 202 underpass; route you are on becomes N. Main
30 L Bridge St.; canal riders rejoin route at Bridge and
N. Main; deli.
30.1 R S. Franklin St. / Rt. 165    
30.2 L

Brunswick Pike / Rt. 518, uphill.



Harbourton Mt. Airy Rd.  Route you are on becomes     
  Lambertville Hopewell Rd.    
37.3 X Rt. 31N, busy highway.    
39.7 GF Becomes Louellen St. in Hopewell.    
40.2 L E. Broad St.; still Rt. 518.    
41.3 X Aunt Molly Rd.; route becomes Hopewell Rocky Hill
42 X

Province Line Rd.; route becomes Georgetown Franklin



Rt. 206.    


SAG Geoff Green’s house; mailbox is number 26; sharp
48 L After short bridge, at light, Canal Rd.  Route
parallels Delaware 
  & Raritan Canal for next 15 mi.    
53.4 L Suydam Rd., at T.  Then sharp QR, no intersection,
  Canal again.    
54.7 X Blackwell’s Mills Rd.    
56.7 L

Market; to end; back at flagpole in Millstone.  Deli
on L.

56.8 R Amwell Rd. / Rt. 514, but not for long.    
57.3 L Mettlers Rd.    
58.5 L

Weston Rd.



Becomes Weston Canal Rd.  Canal still on your L.    
60 R Rt. 623; still Weston Canal Rd., canal still on your
62.3 X

Under Rt. 287; becomes Canal Rd.



Cross steel deck bridge on wood deck walkway; go
under RR 
  tracks; S. Main St. in Bound Brook.    
63.8 R At traffic circle onto S. Main St.; becomes Lincoln Blvd. Go around median and into parking lot of Mount Hope Church    
63.9 SAG

Parking lot, Mount Hope Church.  Swings and

66.3 L S. Lincoln Ave.    
66.7 R Bound Brook Rd. / Rt. 28.    
67.9 BL

North Ave. / Rt. 28; becomes W. Front St.  Dunellen.

70.5 R Plainfield Ave./Rt. 28.  Getty station on R; then
under RR.
71 L W. 7 St.; becomes E. 7 St.  Plainfield.    
73.4 X Terrill Rd.; E. 7th becomes La Grande Ave.  RR on
your L.


BL Laurel Place.    
74.4 R South Ave., stay on this for about 5 mi. RR still on
your L.
79.2 X Go under Garden State Pkwy.  Route becomes W. 1st


L Locust St. Go under RR; BR; becomes Tucker Ave., to
81.6 SAG In parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts at Chestnut and
81.6 L Chestnut St.    
82.5 X Under Garden State Parkway.    
82.7 X Under Rt. 22.    
82.8 BR

Stuyvesant Ave. in Union; follow signs for Union



Morris Ave.    


X Under Rt. 78    
84.7 R To continue on Stuyvesant; First Union Bank across
84.8 L To continue on Stuyvesant; Village Eye Care on R;
Getty on L.
85.3 X Chancellor Ave.    
85.9 R After Nye Ave. onto Springfield Ave.; continue on
this, BL at 
  Clinton; almost home.    
89.1 BR Market St. in Newark.    
89.8 L Raymond Plaza W., in front of Pennsylvania Station
89.8 END Welcome to Penn Station! You’re fabulous!! (maybe
fast, too!)