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Ossining For The Hill Of It



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March 26, 2000

by Bob Nelson

This 65-mi. route has plenty of hills as you approach Ossining.  There are
several places to stop in Tarrytown, including a gourmet grocery store and a
bakery; both have a few chairs and tables and both are located on the west side
of Route 9 after the main intersection in Tarrytown.  Unfortunately, El Viejo
Rincon burned down in 2003; if anyone has news of whether it’s been rebuilt,
please pass it along.

Key: R = Right turn L = Left turn BR = bear right BL = bear left QR = quick
right QL = quick left GF = Gaily forward! (not “go straight”!) X =
Cross. Like Joan Crawford. x.x = cumulative mileage

1. Get Out of Town!

0.0 L From the Boathouse, north on East Drive.

2.2 L West 110th St.

3.0 R Riverside; continue north.

5.8 GF At 165th St., do NOT make right uphill. Continue on Riverside, which
becomes West Side Highway. Bikes can ride on shoulder.

7.8 R Exit at Dyckman St. Watch for grate on right side of exit. L First left,
before the light, onto Henshaw. One block downhill.

7.9 R Dyckman. Go two blocks, and at the light 8.0 L Up short hill onto Seaman.
(You will pass corner of Seaman and Cumming.) Continue to end.

8.8 R West 218th St., up short hill. Columbia stadium on left.

9.0 L Broadway. Cross Broadway Bridge over the Harlem River. Take expansion
joints at angle left to right.

9.4 L West 230 St., under elevated subway. Pass U-Haul on left, then proceed to
second light.

9.8 L Irwin uphill. Bear right at top, go under Henry Hudson Pkwy to end.

10.6 GF Kappock, short downhill.

10.8 R Palisade Ave. This is a back road through Riverdale.

11.8 R West 248th. Sharp, nasty little uphill bearing left; watch for traffic.

12.0 L At top of hill; this is Independence Ave. Wave Hill on left.

12.5 L West 252nd. Extremely sharp downhill; use brakes. Day school on left.

12.6 R Palisades. Continue past Hebrew Home for Aged on left.

13.2 R West 261 St. College of Mount St. Vincent on the left.

13.4 L Riverdale Ave.

2. Hudson Views

15.2 GF Through downtown Yonkers; becomes Warburton. Follow through
Hastings-on-Hudson, to end.

19.7 L Route 9 / Broadway.

21.2 L After short downhill in Dobbs Ferry, at light. Supermarket on right for
pit stop, if needed.

24.5 X Over New York State Thruway east of Tappan Zee Bridge.

26.2 L In Tarrytown, following Route 9. GF Through North Tarrytown and
Briarcliff Manor. You’ll know you’re close to Ossining when the hills start
getting steeper.

31.5 STOP at El Viejo Rincon, a Colombian restaurant that will let you bring
bikes indoors. It’s across the street from Ossining High School, imposing
structure on right. Delish rice and beans for $4.

3. Homo bound!

31.5 R Onto Route 9; follow south as before.

36.1 R Sharp uphill in Tarrytown, then right at top, following Route 9.

38.5 X Over New York State Thruway.

42.6 L Sharp left at light at four corners, onto Ashford in Dobbs Ferry;
supermarket is across the street.

43.6 X Over Saw Mill Parkway.

44.7 X Old Sprain Rd.; Ashford becomes Ardsley and you go uphill.

44.0 X Over Sprain Brook Pkwy., then immediate

44.2 R Sprain Valley Rd.

45.9 QL, then QR;

46.0 X Jackson Ave. onto Grassy Sprain Rd.

48.6 L Tuckahoe Rd., will cross Rt.100.

49.1 R Very first right onto Bronxville Rd.

49.7 L After Boyd, Pondfield around circle, through Bronxville.

50.2 R Before RR tracks, onto Parkway. Bronxville RR station on left.

50.3 BR Dewitt.

50.4 X Sprain Brook Pkwy.

50.5 L First left onto Desmond.

51.6 X Midland, at overpass. GF Street changes names, to Bronx River Pkwy. to
Webster Ave.

54.2 X East 233rd St.

54.5 L Gun Hill Rd. before overpass.

56.0 L Jerome Ave. under elevated subway. QL East Moshulu Pkwy. QR Grand
Concourse, to end.

~60 R East 138 St.; cross bridge. No expansion joints, but watch gratings.

~65 L Fifth Ave. around Marcus Garvey Park to Central Park. HOMO!