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Ossining Back Roads



By Rosario Gennaro

R turn right BR bear right
L turn left BL bear left
GF gaily forward QR quick right
X cross, but don’t turn QL quick left

START Woodlawn stop on the No. 4 train (Jerome Ave.)

R E.233rd St., after cemetery
QL Van Cortland Park East
GF becomes Kimball Ave.
GF becomes Bronxville
BR on Cross St.
L Tuckahoe Rd.
R East Grassy Sprain, to end
L Jackson
R Sprain. Follow winding road; after crossing over the highway,
Sprain takes a sharp left. If you find yourself on Underhill, you missed the
left turn.
GF Becomes Ridge, to end
L West Hartsdale
L Grasslands
R Tower Hill (NO SIGN — 1st R after Lake St)
X Bedford onto Sleepy Hollow Road
BL Onto Old Sleepy Hollow Road
R at T onto Sleepy Hollow Road, to end
L Scarborough
R Old Briarcliff Road, to end
L Pleasantville Rd.
R Croton (immediate left turn to pizzeria for lunch)
R From pizzeria onto Croton
L Onto Rt. 9, follow through Tarrytown
R Warburton on Hastings on Hudson, follow through Yonkers
L Valentine in Yonkers, after downtown
R Broadway