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Nyack Front And Back

Nyack: Front Way, Back Way

Bob Nelson

R=Right Turn L=Left Turn
BR=Bear Right BL=Bear Left
QR=Quick Right QL=Quick Left
GF=Gaily Forward (not “go straight”) X=Cross
x.x = cumulative mileage

1. Get Out of Town!

0.0 X Cabrini Blvd. and West 178th St.
. Cross the George Washington bridge. Use light pressure on brakes to steady
your bike on sharp turns where the pedestrian path circumvents the bridge
1.3 R Hudson Terrace, first cross street in New Jersey.
3.2 L Palisade Ave., at T-intersection. Watch for traffic from both
3.4 R Route 9W. No shoulder for a couple of miles, so ride single file.
8.4 X Closter Dock Rd., at light.
12.0 GF Long descent and then cross under Palisades Parkway. New pavement. After
quick, steep hill,
12.5 R Parking lot on east side of 9W, just before sign: “Lamont-Doherty
Earth Observatory” and “Welcome to New York State”. Regroup here
if necessary.
12.6 GF Long downhill into New York territory. Watch for light at bottom of
14.6 GF Sign for Tallman Mountain State Park on right. (If you take this road down
to the Hudson, there is a gravel path that goes 3-4 mi. to RR tracks just
outside of Piermont.) Long downhill, then:
14.8 L Route 340; sharp downhill; stay to right.
15.0 QR Ferdon Ave., at bottom of hill; may be unmarked; just before small stream.
Stay on Ferdon; parallels stream.
15.8 X Paradise Ave.
15.9 GF Ferndon makes sharp left over stream. Go through light
and over RR tracks; you’re in Piermont. Bunbury’s coffee shop immediately on left as
you enter town, or Community Market (with deli) on right if you need to refuel.
Piermont Bike Shop is in mall by river if you need tubes or repairs; bikes are
safe outside.
16.0 GF Becomes Piermont Ave., parallels Hudson River. Stay on this to end; watch
stop signs; Piermont, Grandview and Nyack cops have been known to enforce stop
signs and lights.
19.0 GF Entering Nyack.
19.5 L Main St. in Nyack, sharp uphill for a couple of blocks.
19.6 R South Broadway.
19.7 STOP Watch for bike racks on either side of street (in non-winter months);
that’s the Runcible Spoon, cafĂ© frequented by cyclists; the hot
chocolate with whipped cream is particularly good.

2. Homeward Bound!

0.0 GF South Broadway. Start easy to let your tummy squeeze all those muffins
0.1 L Main St.
0.2 R Piermont Ave.
3.7 GF Piermont: bike shop, Community Market, Bunbury’s, etc. Cross RR tracks
and follow Ferdon parallel to stream.
3.9 X Paradise Ave.
4.7 L Rt. 340 (here called Valentine Ave.) Watch for oncoming traffic resulting
from construction on Route 9W.
4.8 QR Rts. 340/501. Pass Sparkill Fire Dept. on right. Nice long flat
5.5 X Cross over Palisades Parkway; light about a half-mile further; name changes
to Piermont Rd.; stay GF.
9.6 X Closter Dock Rd. If you are a real masochist, you will turn left and ride
up this mile-long hill to Rt. 9W and the GWB. Otherwise watch signs for Rt. 501
and follow them.
10.3 GF At bottom of short downhill, go through light; name changes to County Rd.;
will pass pond on right with ducks and geese; shoulder narrows; ride single
file; then
10.6 R Piermont Ave; off main road, residential district; turns industrial.
11.4 X Union Ave.
12.3 L Central Ave. at stop sign; Piermont Ave. goes one-way opposite your
12.4 QR County Rd., back on Rt. 501; watch signs.
12.9 R Dean Drive in Tenafly past railroad station; may be unmarked except for Rt.
501 sign, which you have been watching for; stay GF; don’t follow Rt. 501 sign
going uphill.
13.7 L Hudson Ave., at first light; deli and supermarket on right if needed.
Series of turns designed to get you up long hill the easiest way:
14.0 X Engle Ave. at light.
14.3 R Elkwood Terrace at T-intersection.
14.6 L Glenwood Ave. uphill; make second right:
14.7 R Lydecker St.
14.9 X Booth St. Just look left to see the hill we could have taken you up!!
15.3 L Walnut St. All the streets have tree names here, so don’t get confused.
Follow this up three short hills to top.
15.9 L Woodland, at T-intersection. The mansion in front of you, Gloria Crest, is
the former residence of Gloria Swanson.
16.0 R Pershing St. Watch for potholes and expensive, ugly mansions.
16.3 R Summit St.
16.6 L Palisade Ave., at light; watch for traffic.
16.9 X Route 9W, at light.
17.0 R Hudson Terrace, to bridge. Can regroup on New Jersey side or New York
19.3 STOP Back on Manhattan soil. Kiss the ground.

Welcome Homo!