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Northvale Diner


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Jan. 26, 2003

by Sue Foster

This is a moderately hilly, roundabout route to Northvale, N.J., which is in
northern Bergen County on the border with New York State.  The diner is a
favorite destination of New York Cycle Club riders, and it’s safe to leave the
bike unlocked out front.  It’s still not a bad idea to get a table with a window
view!  The cue sheet starts and ends at the Boathouse in Central Park, though
the routes between the park and the George Washington Bridge are not the same.

L=Left Turn BL=Bear Left X=Cross
R=Right Turn GF=Gaily Forward XU=Cross Under
BR=Bear Right eor=end of road XA=Cross Above
0.0 Entrance to Boathouse. Stay on Central Park Drive.
2.3 X West 110th St.
GF Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.
2.6 L West 117th St.
2.7 QR St. Nicholas Ave.
3.1 X West 125th St.
5.2 L Cross Broadway onto West 168th St.
5.6 R Fort Washington Ave.
6.0 L West 177th St.; short downhill.
6.1 R Cabrini Blvd.; one block long.
6.2 L Onto sidewalk going west; QL onto pedestrian ramp to George
Washington Bridge.
7.9 R Hudson Terrace
9.8 L At end onto Palisades Ave.
10.2 R Summit
11.0 L Lyncrest to T
11.2 R Woodland
12.2 L Churchill
12.8 R Leroy; continue on Stonehurst
13.6 R Engle
14.4 L At end onto Hudson
14.7 R County Rd. / Rt. 501
15.9 GF Anderson (Rt. 501 goes left; you go forward)
16.4 L Hardenburgh
17.2 R County Rd. / Rt. 501
21.7 L Oak Tree (at light)
X Rt. 303
22.7 L Livingstone (DeWint House at far left corner); then R onto Rt.
STOP at Northvale Diner; eat!
R Rt. 303 exiting diner parking lot
25.2 L Blanche St.
25.4 R West
26.2 L At end onto High St. / Rt. 502
26.6 R At blinking light, Closter Dock Rd. / Rt. 502
27.0 R Piermont Rd.
27.9 GF Piermont Rd.; County Rd. / Rt. 501 goes left
29.7 L At stop sign onto Central Ave.
29.8 R County Rd. / Rt. 501
30.2 R Dean Dr. (still Rt. 501)
30.2 BR Stay on Dean Dr.
31.1 L At light onto Ivy
X At light Rt. 501
31.6 R At end onto Elkwood
31.9 L At end onto Davison
32.1 R Lydecker
32.6 L Walnut (hill!)
33.2 L Woodland
33.3 R Pershing
33.6 R Summit
33.9 L at light, Palisades Ave. / Rt. 505
X Rt. 9W
34.3 R Hudson Terrace
36.3 L GWB pedestrian path
38.0 R West 178th St. in Manhattan
38.2 R Fort Washington Ave.
38.9 R West 165th St. (short downhill)
40.2 L Riverside Drive
45.9 L West 72nd St.
46.7 X Central Park West
GF 72nd St. Transverse across the park
47.2 L Central Park Drive
47.9 END Boathouse!