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Newtown, PA To Newark


Newton, Pa., to Newark Penn Station


This is a cue sheet, not a map. The idea is to give you enough landmarks
that you should be able to find your way. If you’re off course, stop and ask
for directions. If you need help, wait for the van to show up or call one of
the cellphones. Mileage is cumulative from the start. Please check in with the
van at van stops even if you don’t need to refuel. Zero your cyclocomputer at
the start!

R turn right BR bear right
L turn left BL bear left
GF gaily forward QR quick right
X cross, but don’t turn QL quick left

Newton, Pa., to Newark Penn Station


Cum. Turn Description

0.0 GF Leave hostel on Covered Bridge Trail (uphill).

0.4 X White Pine Trail (at stop sign).

0.7 L Dairy Hill Trail at T-intersection, down steep hill.

0.9 R Over pedestrian bridge, onto main park drive.

3 L Follow main park drive until first stop sign.

7 L Swamp Road exit.

1 X Traffic light.

3.8 L Rt. 532 at T-intersection, traffic light.

9.5 X Delaware River, WALK BIKES on bridge sidewalk.

9.9 X Rt. 29, continue on Rt. 546, some uphill

11.3 X Bear Tavern Rd.

13.2 X Rt. 611

14.0 X RR bridge into Pennington

14.1 L Ingelside Ave. (Getty station on right; has rest rooms)

14.6 X Rt. 31 (busy highway)

14.9 L Pennington Rd./Rt. 640 (YMCA across street; there may be Memorial
Day parade; use parallel roads if necessary)

15.6 R E. Delaware Ave./Rt. 624

16.2 BL At fork; road you are on becomes Pennington-Rocky Hill Rd.

19.9 X Hopewell-Princeton Rd. (rough road for about a mile; road you are on
becomes Cherry Valley Rd.)

20.9 X Province Line Road

24.7 X Van Horne Road (rough; road you are on becomes Princeton Ave.)

26.1 L Washington St./Rt. 518 (Santa Fe Grill at Rocky Hill Inn at corner)

26.6 VAN Mailbox is 26 Washington St.; house is Geoff Green; lunch.

26.6 L Back onto Washington St./Rt. 518

27.5 L Canal Rd. (sharp left at light; parallel canal for 20 mi.)

33.4 L Suydam Rd., then quick R back onto Canal Rd.

34.6 X Blackwell’s Mills Rd.

36.6 L Market; to end; back at flagpole in Millstone

36.7 R Amwell Rd./Rt. 514; you are making quick left onto

37.2 L Mettler’s Rd. (to end)

38.5 L Weston Rd.

39.5 R Becomes Weston-Canal Rd. (canal still on your left)

40.0 R Rt. 623

42.7 X Under Rt. 287

43.8 L Main St. (Bound Brook; cross steel deck bridge, then under RR)

44.0 QR Main St.; becomes Lincoln Blvd. STOP at first bldg. on left:

44.1 VAN Parking lot, Mount Hope Church.

46.1 L S. Lincoln Ave.

46.6 R Bound Brook Rd.; becomes W. Front St./Rt. 28

50.3 R Plainfield Ave./Rt. 28 (Getty station on R; then under RR)

50.6 L W. 7 St. (becomes E. 7 St./La Grande Ave., RR now on your left)

54.2 BL Laurel Place (after open-air Memorial Day party on R)

54.3 R South Ave., stay on this for about 5 mi.

54.5 X Hetfield (RR on your left throughout)

59.1 X Road you are on becomes West 1st Ave. in Roselle.

60.2 L Locust St. (go under RR; BR becomes Tucker Ave., to end)

61.5 VAN In parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts at Chestnut and Tucker.

61.5 L Chestnut St.

62.3 X Under Garden State Parkway

X Under Rt. 22

BR Stuyvesant in Union; street signs say Union Center.

63.0 X Morris Ave.

63.9 X Under Rt. 78

64.4 R Continue on Stuyvesant; (First Union Bank across street)

64.5 L Continue on Stuyvesant (Village Eye Care on right; Getty left)

65.0 X Chancellor Ave.

65.6 R Springfield Ave.; (continue on this, BL at Clinton) almost home.

68.8 BR Market St.

69.5 END Welcome to Penn Station! You’re fabulous!! (maybe fast, too!)