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Newark To Quakertown, PA


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Newark’s Penn Station to Quakertown, PA
Fast and Fabulous Cycling Club
Why do this ride and what you’re in for:
John Zenkus, a Philadelphia native and fast boy,
scouted this one out for us.  This cue sheet takes you out of urbania
reasonably quickly, by cutting through the South Mountain and Watchung
Reservations, and then it’s mostly two-lane highways until we cross the
Delaware north of Stockton.  Then it’s hilly, one-lane roads, and
finally some wide-open Pennsylvania vistas as we approach Nockamixon
State Park, home to the Weisel Hostel.  Enjoy!
L Left
Route By: Bob Nelson, Shawn Hill and John Zenkus R Right
Date Last Checked: 27-May-06 GF Gaily Forward
Checked By: Bob Nelson BL Bear Left
BR Bear Right
X Cross
Distance Direction Road / Landmark
0 R Market St.
0.6 BL Springfield Ave. (at Justice Center)
0.8 BR South Orange Ave. Sign says Rt 510; it’s first right
after Martin Luther King Ave.
7.6 L Brookside Dr. at first light before divided road
ends. (No sign!)
GF Lakes on left as you go through South Mountain
GF Brookside becomes Paper Mill Way in Millburn.
9.7 L Old Short Hills Rd., which becomes Main St. after
railroad tracks.
10.3 GF Shoprite at 220 Main, on L at Willow; get ice, drinks, sag supplies
10.6 X Over Rt. 78.
10.8 R Springfield Ave./Rt. 124, busy intersection.  In one
10.9 QR Morris Ave.
11.1 QL Mountain Ave. at light; mall on L.
11.8 R Shunpike Rd. / Rt. 636, at light.  Becomes Orchard
12.7 X Over Rt. 78 again.
13.3 L Morris Ave. / Rt. 527, at light.
13.9 BL Don’t go up hill, do go L on Glenside Ave., Rt. 527,
then keep R.
15.1 X Over Rt. 78.  Again.  We’re going through the
Watchung Reservation,
with Rt. 78 to your right.
18 SAG Sharp downhill, then sag stop at bottom of hill, at
T with Valley Rd.
18 R Valley Rd. (continue on Rt. 527)
21.5 R Go around Watchung traffic circle; follow signs to
Warren, Rt. 527;
make R onto Mountain Blvd. coming off traffic
circle; reservoir on R.
24.3 X Krauzer’s Deli on R; huge American flag; X Mount
Bethel Rd./Rt. 651;
Mountain Blvd. becomes Washington Valley Rd.
25.5 L Morning Glory Rd. / Rt. 527 after Washington Valley
Fire Co. on left.
REALLY long steep downhill; becomes N. Mountain Ave.
27.7 X Rt. 22 overpass; becomes Mountain Ave.
29 L E. Main St. at T in in Bound Brook).  Pass NJ
Transit station on R.
29.3 R S. Main St. at traffic circle; go under railroad tracks and over steel-deck bridge; take wood -deck sidewalk.  At end of bridge.
take wood-deck sidewalk.  At end of bridge,
29.5 R Canal Rd.  Then QL:
29.6 QL Elizabeth St. / Rt. 621.
30.6 X Under Rt. 278.  Stay on Elizabeth to end.
33.9 R Amwell Rd. at T.  Follow signs for Rt. 514.
35.4 SAG Market St., at flagpole. One-acre park on left, deli
down Market.
35.5 X D&R Canal and Millstone River.  Follow Amwell Rd. /
Rt. 514.
35.8 X Rt. 533 in Millstone
39 X Rt. 206, busy highway. Continue on Amwell Rd. / Rt.
40.5 X Becomes Amwell Bypass Rd. / Rt. 514, for a couple of
48.3 BL Amwell / Rt. 514 feeds into Rt. 613; then
immediately BR to follow Rt. 179.
52.4 X Rts. 31/202.  Route you are on becomes Rt. 179 / Old
York Rd.;
follow through Ringoes to Lambertville.
53.2 X Deli on left, just before intersection.
54.2 BL Rt. 579 for a hundred yards or so, then BR follow
Old York Rd. / Rt. 179
54.9 X Cross under Rt. 202.
59.6 R Bridge St. / Rt. 179 in Lambertville.
59.7 SAG At deli on right on Bridge St.
59.7 R N. Main St. / Rt. 29.  OPTION:  If it’s dry, follow
Bridge St. to canal
60.9 X Rt. 202 underpass.
63.3 L Stay on Rt. 29; becomes Daniel Bray Hwy.
63.4 QR Stay on Rt. 29.
64 L Stay on Rt. 29.
66.7 L Quarry Rd.  Bull’s Island Recreation Area.
67 X Delaware River pedestrian bridge; walk bikes.
67.2 R River Rd. / Rt. 32.  After short concrete bridge,
67.4 L Fleecydale Rd.  Narrow one-lane road, gradual
69.4 R Carversville Rd., at Carversville Inn.
71.7 R Durham Rd. / Rt. 413, at T.
72.7 X Pt. Pleasant Pike.
75 L Stump Rd.  Some wide-open vistas here.
76.7 X Easton Rd. / Rt. 611.
79.4 R Swamp Rd. / Rt.313, at light. Becomes S. Dublin Pike
then S. Main St. in Dublin.
80.9 R Elephant Rd.  Town of Dublin, delis here.
82.6 X Bedminster Rd. / Rt. 113.
85.3 X Ridge Rd.
86.2 L Elephant Rd. makes sharp Right, no intersection.
86.5 R Old Bethlehem Pike; ends at bottom of hill; sharp L,
no intersection;
becomes 3 Mile Run. Close to Nockamixon, etc.
87.7 R Dublin Pike / Rt. 563/313.  Short uphill here.
88.5 R Mountainview Dr. / Rt. 563
89.4 L Sterner Mill Rd.; sign for Tohickon Campground
89.5 QR Richlandtown Rd.  Go past Clymer Rd., then next
89.9 R Weisel Hostel driveway.
90 END Welcome to Weisel Hostel!  Hosts are John and Geri