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Newark To Newtown, PA


Newark Penn Station to Newtown, Pa.


This is a cue sheet, not a map. The idea is to give you enough landmarks
that you should be able to find your way. If you’re off course, stop and ask
for directions. If you need help, wait for the van to show up or call one of
the cellphones. Mileage is cumulative from the start. Please check in with the
van at van stops even if you don’t need to refuel. Zero your cyclocomputer at
the start!

R turn right BR bear right
L turn left BL bear left
GF gaily forward QR quick right
X cross, but don’t turn QL quick left

Newark Penn Station to Newtown, Pa.

Cum. Turn Description

0.0 R Market St.
0.6 BL Springfield Ave. (at Justice Center)
0.8 BR South Orange Ave. NO SIGN; it’s first right after High St.
7.6 L Brookside Dr. NO SIGN; at first light before divided road ends.
GF Lakes on left as you go through South Mountain Reservation.
9.7 L Old Short Hills Rd. (becomes Main St., one-way) 10.6 X Over Rt. 78.
10.8 R Springfield Ave.
10.9 QR Morris Ave. You’re only going a couple of blocks to next turn.
11.1 QL Mountain Ave. (at light)
11.8 R Shunpike Rd., at light. Becomes Orchard St.
12.7 X Over Rt. 78 again.
13.3 L Morris Ave., at light. Becomes Rt. 527.
13.9 BL Glenside Ave., Rt. 527 (don’t go up hill!)
15.1 X Rt. 78 overpass (go through Watchung Reservation)
18.0 VAN At T-intersection at bottom of hill, before Valley Rd.
18.0 R Valley Rd. (continue on Rt. 527)
21.5 R Around Watchung traffic circle; follow signs to Warren, Rt. 527;
make right onto Mountain Rd. coming off traffic circle.
24.3 X Rt. 651 (Krauzer’s Deli on right, then huge American flag)
25.5 L Morning Glory Rd./Mountain Ave. (Rt. 527 to end; long downhill)
27.7 X Rt. 22 overpass
29.0 L E. Main St. (in Bound Brook)
29.3 R S. Main St. (after Scagliotta Enterprises on right; then under RR
and over steel-deck bridge; take sidewalk)
29.5 R Canal Rd. (at end of bridge; you’re about to make a QL)
29.6 QL Elizabeth Ave. (Rt. 621)
30.6 X Under Rt. 278 (staying on Elizabeth to the end)
33.9 R Amwell Rd. Follow signs for Rt. 514.
35.4 VAN At flagpole in East Millstone at Market. Deli on Market.
35.5 X D&R Canal and Millstone River (Follow Rt. 514, narrow road)
35.8 X Rt. 533 in Millstone
39.0 X Rt. 206, busy highway. Continue on Rt. 514.
46.8 X Rainbow Hill Road
52.4 X Rt. 31/202. Follow Rt. 179/Old York Rd. through Ringoes to
53.2 Deli on left
54.2 BL Follow Rt. 179, cross under Rt. 202.
59.6 R Bridge Street in Lambertville
59.7 VAN In deli parking lot after R onto Bridge St. (at traffic
light at bottom of hill in Lambertville); LAST VAN STOP; van proceeds to
hostel. For more substantive fare try pizzeria on Bridge St. If you go into New
Hope, walk bikes across bridge; cops will nail you on this.
59.8 R Rt. 29; you’re back on the New Jersey side. Folks with knobbies can
bike on canal path that parallels Rt. 29 between canal and the Delaware River.
67.3 R, then X bridge over Delaware River; WALK BIKES; look for sign for
Washington’s Crossing, hamlet on Pa. side of bridge.
67.5 GF Gen. Washington Memorial Blvd. (Rt. 532, Washington’s Crossing)
68.3 R Wrightstown Rd.; Washington Crossing United Methodist Church on
right; becomes Worthington, follow to end.
77.4 L At T-intersection; Second Street Pike (Rt. 232).
78.8 L Twining Ford Road (road narrows, watch for Tyler Youth Hostel signs,
short gravel road has bad potholes, horse dung.)
80.3 END Welcome to Tyler Youth Hostel!