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Fast and Fabulous

New York's GLBT Cycling Club

New York Botanical Garden

R=Right Turn L=Left Turn
BR=Bear Right BL=Bear Left
QR=Quick Right QL=Quick Left
GF=Gaily Forward (not “go straight”) X=Cross


Turn Description
L From Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, onto Central Park Dr.
R At East 90th St. exit, also called Engineer’s Gate. Watch for runners!
L Madison Ave. Watch for traffic, potholes.
BR Cross Madison Bridge. If there are a lot of you, stay on the main roadway
and just watch for traffic. Pedestrian ramp is not very wide.
GF After bridge, watch traffic and get into L lane. You’re on East 138th St.
L Grand Concourse, the second left. Watch for oncoming traffic.
GF Stay on Grand Concourse about 5 mi. Use service road where possible to
avoid traffic. You’ll go under East Fordham Rd. a few blocks after Kingsbridge
R Bedford Park Blvd.
GF Webster Ave,
L Theodore Kazimiroff Blvd. Garden entrance is one block on Kazimiroff. Look
for bike parking and enjoy the flowers! Reverse route to return.