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New Haven To Middletown


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New Haven to Middletown, CT
Fast and Fabulous Cycling Club
Why do this ride and what you’re in for:
A hilly but great ride on small roads in CT.
L Left
Route By: Bob Nelson, Shawn Hill, Magda Teter R Right
Date Last Checked: 11-Jun-06 GF Gaily Forward
Checked By: Alexander BL Bear Left
BR Bear Right
X Cross
Distance Direction Road / Landmark
0 R from Union Station to Union Ave.
0.3 R Water St.
0.5 L Olive St.
0.6 R Wooster St. (Little Italy)
0.9 L Franklin St.
1 QR Chapel St.
1 QL Hamilton St.
1.3 R Grand Ave.
2.7 L Quinnipiac Ave. (Immediately after the bridge @ traffic lights)
3.8 X Foxon Blvd – aka Rt. 80
4.6 R Foxon Hill Road (Up, Up, Up!)
5.4 GF at Stop
5.6 L Thompson St.
6.1 BL to stay on Thompson at Julius
6.6 R to stay on Thompson
6.6 QL to stay on Thompson
7.5 R Borelli
8.1 L at unmarked T – Totoket Road
11.4 L Route 22 – aka Forest Rd. at T
12.1 BR on Rt. 17
12.2 QL at Light onto 22 West
12.3 QR Old Post Road  (Up, Up, Up!)
12.9 BR to stay on Old Post Road
13.6 L Rt. 17 – Careful – busy road
14.8 L Reeds Gap Road – aka Branford Ave after STOP
18.9 R Onto Rt. 68 (aka Durham Rd) – first STOP sign after the shooting range
19.9 L Rt. 157 – after crossing train tracks
21.9 L At T – to stay on Rt. 157
23 R To stay on Rt. 157
25.4 BR Wadsworth St. after passing Wadsworth Falls State Park
26.7 R Pine St. at T
26.8 L Berkeley Road – 62 Berkeley Rd. is a white Cape on your left
  (860) 346-3592 or (860) 604-5682 – Cell