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A Mean Time To Greenwich


A Mean Time to Greenwich

Bob Nelson 2000 April 2

R = Right turn   L = Left turn

BR = bear right  BL = bear left
QR = quick right  QL = quick left
GF = Gaily forward! (not "go straight"!)
X = Cross.  Like Joan Crawford.
x.x = cumulative mileage.

1. Get Out of Town!

0.0  L  From Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.
1.2  R  Exit Central Park onto 90th St. (Engineers’ Gate)
1.4  L  Madison Ave.

3.3  GF  Ramp onto Madison Bridge; cross bridge onto East 138th St.
  L  Second L should be Grand Concourse.
7.8  R  East 188th St., one block.

  L  Valentine Ave., one block.
  R  East Fordham Road.
8.6  GF  Short downhill through New York Botanical Gardens.
  GF  Pelham Pkwy.  Stay to the right, it’s less than a mile.  Watch exits.

9.1  X  Boston Rd., White Plains Rd.  Under subway, Nos. 2, 5 trains.
   Stay to right for Pelham Pkwy. South, service road for Pelham Pkwy.
10.3  X  Eastchester Rd.  Make next left, short ramp onto Pelham Pkwy. Watch

10.8  X  Eastchester Bay Bridge.  Watch gratings.
12.0  X  Drawbridge, more gratings.  Welcome to Pelham Bay Park.
12.3  GF  Pelham Pkwy. becomes Pelham Shore Rd.  City Island signs on R.

2.  Seagulls and Salt Air

12.6  R  Signs for Orchard Beach; go around traffic
circle and make R at
   sign for Shore Rd.  (Can take bike path on R just after Shore Rd.; exit path
after golf course to follow this route.)
  GF  Becomes Pelham Rd.

14.8  GF  Glen Island Park on R; location of B->NY AIDS Ride pit stop.
16.1  BL  Follow Pelham Rd. past marina on R, becomes Echo St.
16.5  R  Main St., becomes Boston Post Rd., Route 1.

  GF  Follow Route 1 signs through Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye and Portchester.

19.5  GF  Harbor Island Park on R in Mamaroneck.
22.3  R  Follow Route 1 sign downhill in Rye, several churches on R.

23.5  L  Light in Rye Brook, QL onto Purchase, QR onto Boston Post Rd., still
following signs for Route 1.
23.8  X  Over Route 95.
24.3  X  Over Route 287.

25.0  L  Main St. in downtown Portchester, still on Route 1.
26.2  R  Short section on traffic circle, then uphill, becomes West Putnam Ave.
in Connecticut. Sign at top says "Greenwich."
27.1  GF  Greenwich. Look for deli. (Grand Union and bagel place on L at this
mileage.) After Field Point Rd., can take Greenwich Ave. to end; becomes
Steamboat Rd.; possible ocean view.

3.  Homo Bound

27.1  L  West Putnam Ave., Route 1.  Downhill into New
29.7  L  Traffic circle; R onto Main St. in Portchester.

30.8  R  Unmarked turn for Route 1; overpass visible on R.
31.7  X  Over Route 287.
32.0  X  Over Route 95.  Rye station on Metro North on R.

32.5  L  Purchase St., then next R to follow Route 1 through Rye Brook.
33.6  L  Follow Route 1 signs at top of hill.
39.6  L  Echo St., at Taco Bell in New Rochelle.

41.4  GF  Glen Island Park on L. Watch for bike path on right.
43.6  BR  Traffic circle at Orchard Beach.  Bike path ends.
44.2  GF  Drawbridge.

45.4  X  Eastchester Bay Bridge.  Watch gratings.
46.1  X  Stillwell Ave.; paved bike path on R.
47.1  X  White Plains Rd.  Under subway, Nos. 2, 5 trains.

47.6  GF  East Fordham Road.  Short downhill through Bronx Park.
48.4  X  Over Grand Concourse; can take ramp down to boulevard.
52.9  R  East 138th St.

  GF  Ramp onto Madison Bridge; cross bridge.
54.8  L  Madison Ave.
55.0  R  East 90th St. to park.