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Kinderkamack – Pascack Nyack Attack

Kinderkamack-Pascack Nyack Attack

by Ronn Seely

This ride begins at the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge
and ends at the Runcible Spoon cafĂ© in Nyack. (If you don’t know the way
back, you could reverse the route, take 9W all the way back from Nyack, or
consult another Nyack cue sheet on this website.) The name comes from two of
the major roads we follow. My goal was to find an alternative route to Nyack
for those who are tired of the usual routes (9W, 501/340, etc.). This ride
swings a little farther to the west in Bergen County and then approaches Nyack
on tiny back roads from the west. There are plenty of hills, of course, but no
real killers. Enjoy!

R=Right Turn L=Left Turn
BR=Bear Right BL=Bear Left
QR=Quick Right QL=Quick Left
GF=Gaily Forward (not “go straight”) X=Cross
x.x = cumulative mileage

This ride is 33 miles one way (approx. 41 miles from Central Park).

Start cross the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey. Reset your
odometer at the end of the bridge walkway (Hudson Terrace).

Cum. Miles Description
0.0 R on Hudson Terrace (505), to end
2.0 L on Palisades Ave (505)
2.1 QR on Sylvan Ave (9W)
3.9 L on E. Clinton Ave (big downhill)
6.0 L on W. Clinton Ave (in downtown Tenafly)
8.2 R on Prospect Ave (at Bergenfield High School)
8.6 L on River Edge Rd
9.8 R on River Rd
10.0 L on River Edge to end (up hill after bridge)
10.3 R onto Kinderkamack Rd (503). Follow Kinderkamack almost 9 miles
to where it bends right and becomes Rte. 304 (at the New York state line).
19.4 L on Washington Ave (35). Follow 35 North almost 5 miles to where
it ends
20.0 R on Highland (35 N). In a mile or so it bends left and becomes
Pascack, still 35N. Later 35N doglegs right at Scotland Hill Rd. Continue on
Pascack / 35N.
23.9 GF through one-lane keyhole tunnel. WAIT FOR GREEN LIGHT! Do not
run this red light unless you want to meet a car head on!
24.0 R on Lawrence after tunnel (still 35N).
24.2 R on Smith Rd (60) where 35N ends
25.2 L on N. Middletown Rd
25.9 R on Germonds Rd (IMMEDIATELY after crossing over Palisades Pkwy –
easy to miss)
27.0 R following Germonds Rd (27), after crossing Rte 304.
28.5 X Strawtown Rd (23)
29.1 R on Snake Hill Rd (at dam)
QL on Crusher Rd
29.9 GF on Storms Rd
30.4 X Rte 303 and continue on Storms Rd
30.7 R on Christian Herald Rd
31.5 X Rte 9W
31.8 BR onto Midland Ave in Nyack
32.8 L on High St
33.2 Finish at Runcible Spoon Cafe, corner of Broadway and High St.

Return? Your choice!