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Harriman Near – Century

Fast & Fabulous Cycling Club

Randy Russell

R turn right BR bear right
L turn left BL bear left
GF gaily forward QR quick right
X cross, but don’t turn QL quick left

1. Get Out of Town!

Cum. Turn Description
0.0 West on West 72nd St. from the Boathouse in Central Park.
0.6 R Riverside Drive
5.4 R West 165th St. Sharp uphill.
5.5 L Fort Washington Ave.
6.1 L West 177th St.
6.3 R Cabrini Blvd.; entrance to George Washington Bridge is at end of block, L
down sidewalk.Cross GWB on pedestrian walkway.
7.6 R Hudson Terrace (Rt. 505 North)
9.6 L Palisade Ave. (Still 505 North)
9.7 R Sylvan Ave. (Rt. 9W North) Royal Cliffs diner at corner. Stay on 9W until
just after Tallman State Park.
20.9 L Rt. 340 at sign for Sparkill. Sharp downhill. Follow signs for 340 North;
several sharp turns until you get out on open highway.

2. Suburbs

Cum. Turn Description
22.8 R Rt. 303 North. Sign at corner says “Camp Shanks Museum.”
27.0 L Palisades Center Drive. Just after you go under NYS Thruway; new mall on
left, Saturn dealer on right. (Check name of road.)
~ R Snake Hill Rd.
27.8 L Snake Hill comes to T with Old Mill Rd.; take left onto Old Mill. Lake
DeForest is directly in front of you.
28.3 R Strawtown Rd. (Rt. 23 North)
29.8 GF At flashing yellow light and sign for Episcopal Church; Strawtown becomes
Brewery Rd.; follow to end.
31.4 L Congers Rd. (Rt. 80 West)
32.1 R Main St., at end of Congers Rd. Follow signs for Rt. 80 through town. Strip
mall at right has diner, fast food. You will need it!
32.3 Dog leg through town, then QL onto New Hempstead Rd. There is a miserable
hill less than a mile after you turn.
34.4 R Old Schoolhouse Rd. (Rt. 43 North) at New Hempstead Presbyterian.
34.9 R Rt. 45 North. Follow the end. Lots of bushes here.
37.1 L Rt. 202 West towards Suffern (big intersection). This is pretty much your
last chance for a food and water stop.

3. Woods

Cum. Turn Description
38.2 R Camp Hill Rd., at traffic light in Pomona.
39.1 R Call Hollow Rd.
41.3 L Willow Grove Rd. (Rt. 98 West)
41.5 R Blanchard Rd.
42.3 L Rt. 106 West
43.1 R At signs for Rts. 106 West and 98, continue following Rt. 106 West.
43.3 Sign says “Welcome to Harriman State Park.”
GF Rt. 106 West.
45.2 R Entrance to Lake Welch.

4. Downhill!

Cum. Turn Description
0.0 L From Lake Welch entrance, onto Rt. 106 East.
2.0 L Rt. 106 East. Follow signs for Rt. 106 East, not Rt. 98. Follow green sign,
“Gate Hill Rd. – Stony Point.” Downhill to Rt. 9W.
6.3 R Rt. 9W South.
7.4 R Hoyer’s Ice Cream. This is homemade, and you need it by now. There are also
a bike shop and several fast food spots on 9W

Nyack: Today is Lesbian and Gay Pride in Nyack; there is supposed to be an
afternoon festival in town. Should at least be an opportunity to refuel.

5. Homo Bound!

33.5 L Palisade Ave. (Rt. 505 South) Royal Cliffs Diner at corner.
33.6 R Hudson Terrace (Rt. 505 South)
35.6 L Onto George Washington Bridge pedestrian walkway.
36.9 On New York side, down hairpin ramp and R onto sidewalk.
37.0 R Cabini Blvd.
37.1 R West 177th St.
37.1 Dog leg; QL onto Haven Ave.
37.6 R Fort Washington Ave.
37.8 R West 165th St.
37.9 L Riverside Drive
43.5 L West 72nd St.
44.1 GF Central Park.