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Cold Spring – West Point


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Oct. 13, 2002

This is an old Sundance route that Paul Racine developed in the early 1990s.
Bob Nelson updated it in 2002, but found that security was considerably tighter
at West Point and on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. Nevertheless, if Storm King
Highway is still closed when you ride this 43-mi. route, you’ll have a two-lane
highway all to yourself.

Drivers: Free all-day parking is available at the Municipal Parking Lot on Fair
St., 2 blocks north of Main St., next to Riverview Italian Restaurant.

R=Right Turn L=Left Turn
BR=Bear Right BL=Bear Left
QR=Quick Right QL=Quick Left
GF=Gaily Forward (not “go straight”) X=Cross
x.x = cumulative mileage

Drivers: Free all-day parking is available at the Municipal Parking Lot
on Fair St., 2 blocks north of Main St., next to Riverview Italian

Mileage Turn
Tot Meet at railroad tracks at foot of Main St., Cold Spring.
0.0 Head uphill on Main St.
0.3 0.3 R at light onto Rt. 9D South.
3.7 4.0 R onto Upper Station Rd. Riders who are averse to hill climbing can
skip this turn and stay on Rt. 9D.
0.4 4.4 L Sharp left turn at bottom of hill onto county Rt. 12.
0.6 5.0 R at stop light onto Rt. 9D South.
4.6 9.6 R Cross Bear Mountain Bridge. Sidewalks are closed but there is an
ample shoulder on the main roadway. Watch for some pretty nasty expansion
0.5 10.1 BR One-quarter way around traffic circle onto Rt. 9W North to West
1.8 11.9 BR Old State Rd.; sign for Grace Baptist Church.
1.2 13.1 GF at yield sign onto Rt. 218/Main St., Highland Falls.
0.8 13.9 BR at fork towards West Point (218 goes left).
0.6 14.5 GF Enter Thayer Gate of West Point. Post 9/11 security has been
tightened at West Point; be prepared to show ID and state your business. After
gate, follow unmarked main road to second checkpoint, then back onto Thayer
Rd., which forks right, downward and under a grey stone building.
The alternative is to take 9W N
combined with 218 North as you leave town.  About 3-4 miles
along 9W/218 you BR on 218N which splits off 9W.  This will
bring you past the Washington gate where you can continue following
your route.
1.1 15.6 R onto Washington Rd.; goes counter-clockwise around the school’s
parade ground and athletic fields.
0.2 15.8 Rest rooms on opposite side of athletic fields.
1.3 17.1 GF Stay on Washington past Lee Rd. to Washington Gate. Previous
versions of this cue sheet had a right turn onto Lee to exit via the Lee Gate,
but post 9/11 that gate is festooned with barbed wire. While not impassable, it
is not particularly pleasant way to leave.
0.7 17.8 R onto Route 218 (Storm King Highway). Post 9/11 this highway is
closed to motor vehicles, so you have it all to yourself, and it’s a beautiful
2.8 20.0 GF Scenic view as road winds along Storm King Mtn.
4.3 22.1 GF Hudson Rd. (Do not BR on Rt. 218.)
(More delis along this stretch: can stop to eat at park at Ring’s
Pond on left.)
1.1 23.2 BR on Quaker Ave. (passing a strip mall on your left).
0.1 24.1 R at light at bottom of hill onto state Rt. 32. Do not be misled by
county Rt. 32, which comes up earlier on your right along Hudson or Quaker
1.7 25.8 R onto Rt. 94; busy highway.
1.8 27.6 GF (where 94 curves left) onto Bloomin Rove Tpke.
0.6 28.2 BL at stop sign and cross over 9W; becomes Water St./River
St./ Martin Luther King St.
3.4 31.6 R onto Grand Ave. Look for bike route signs; entry to Newburgh-Beacon
Bridge bike ramp will be on your left. Post 9/11 there are occasional gate
closings from bomb threats to bridge; if the gate is closed you can scale it,
or call the telephone number on a sign at the gate to ask when the gate will be
0.3 31.9 L onto bike path, as you are passing under Interstate 84. Water
available at toll plaza on other side of bridge.
2.0 33.9 R onto route 9D South.
6.5 40.4 GF Pass through tunnel under Breakneck Ridge.
1.4 41.8 BR onto county Rt. 17 towards Cold Spring (9D bears left up a hill.)
May be marked River Rd., then Fair St.
0.4 42.2 L onto Northern Ave.
0.1 42.3 R onto Church St.
0.2 42.5 R onto Main St.
0.2 42.7 End at railroad tracks at foot of Main St.