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City Island

R=Right Turn L=Left Turn
BR=Bear Right BL=Bear Left
QR=Quick Right QL=Quick Left
GF=Gaily Forward (not “go straight”) X=Cross. Like Joan Crawford.


L From Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, onto Central Park Dr.
R At East 90th St. exit, also called Engineer’s Gate.
Watch for runners
L Madison Ave. Watch for traffic, potholes, moneyed dowagers.
BR Cross Madison Bridge. If there are a lot of you, stay on the main
roadway and just watch for traffic. Pedestrian ramp is not very wide.
GF After bridge, watch traffic and get into L lane. You’re on East
138th St.
L Grand Concourse, the second left. Watch for oncoming traffic.
GF Stay on Grand Concourse, a wide boulevard of formerly middle-class
apartment buildings largely gone to seed, about 5 mi. Use service road where
possible to avoid traffic. You’ll go under East Fordham Rd. A few blocks (fewer
than 10) after Kingsbridge Rd.,
R Bedford Park Blvd., steep downhill to light.
L Webster Ave. Car washes, junkyards and other Bronx fauna and
R East Gun Hill Rd. You’re only on this for about 150 yards, and
there’s lots of traffic, so it might be wise to contravene NYC law and ride on
the sidewalk. Watch for drivers who think they own the pavement, especially the
one getting on and off the Bronx River Pkway.
R Olinville, residential nabe in da Bronx.
QR Duncomb, short downhill.
L Bronx Park East. Very pretty boulevard: Cherry trees, dandelion,
GF At end, street curves sharply to the left. Do not go there.
Instead, look directly ahead to the bike path. Creative types may imagine
yellow bricks, since we are on bike paths now all the way to City Island.
GF Bike path parallels Pelham Bay Parkway for about 5 mi. Path will
end on north side of parkway and we’ll cross over to the south side and pick it
up again there. Path will also cross several on- and off-ramps, where drivers
may believe they own the road.
L Path intersects with bike path coming from Pelham Bay Park; now
it’s much nicer pavement (which we own), white line down the middle, stop
signs, etc.
X City Island Blvd. where path intersects with it; continue to bridge
connecting to City Island. Do not take bike path veering off to left unless you
want to go to Orchard Beach.
GF Welcome to City Island This unique island, though within the city
limits, resembles a charming New England fishing village, with vernacular
19th-century cottages and superb vistas of the East River. We will have lunch
at one of the many seafood restaurants or find takeout for a picnic near the

On RETURN, go exactly the same way back, EXCEPT, coming back on Bronx
Park East, make the right on the next-to-last block, Magenta, yes, like the
Rocky Horror Picture Show character, then left on Olinville, then East Gun Hill
Rd., etc. Both Magenta and Duncomb are one-way and we wouldn’t want you to
contravene any more NYC laws than you have to!