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Der Ring der Manhattanungen

  The abridged version    
Fast and Fabulous Cycling Club
Why do this ride and what you’re in for:
This is a simplified version of the ride we did on Hallowe’en, 2004,
which was rather too long and didn’t get us to brunch quickly enough.
This route (Oct. 30, 2005) took us a mere 2.5 hours, which made for a
civilized brunch hour, but for some riders was somewhat on the short
side. Next year we might consider doing two groups; the faster one could
include lower Manhattan south of 14th St. in their ride.

I don’t have an odometer, so am missing distances. If someone wants to
fill them in, that would be helpful. This route clocks in at just under
25 miles.

The ride begins and ends at the corner of Third Ave. and East 15th St.,
the location of our host’s apartment.  Thanks to Eric Lehman, who opened
his home (and, importantly, his bathroom!) to us for the second year in
a row.

    L Left


Route By: Gerry Oxford based on Richard Brause GF Gaily Forward
Date Last Checked: Oct. 28, 2005 BL Bear Left
Checked By: Gerry Oxford BR Bear Right
      X Cross
    FS Funny stuff
Distance Direction Road / Landmark    
0 R (south) Third Ave. for one block    
L 14th St.    
  L First Ave. I’m skipping bits and pieces of East River greenway and
picking it up where it is significant, north of the Queensboro Bridge.
54th St. for a block    
L Sutton Place; name changes to York Ave. at 59th St    
  R 63rd St. There’s a footbridge ramp on the north side of 63rd St. just
east of York Ave., that takes you over the FDR and back to the greenway
(Bobby Wagner Walk).
  FS There are three flights of stairs at 81st St. No big deal, but they can
be avoided if you must by taking the ramp at 78th St., continuing west
to York Ave., right (north) on York, right on 80th St., left on East End
Ave., and then right on 81st, where a short flight of ramp stairs will
reconnect you with the greenway (Carl Shurz Park).
L 120th St. ramp: continue west on 120th St. for a block.
L Pleasant Ave.    
  R 119th St.; follow to St. Nicholas Ave., two-thirds of the way across
Manhattan. Which doesn’t seem like cirumbikulation, I know, but the
alternatives are messy.
R St. Nicholas Ave.    
BR At 149th St. onto St. Nicholas Place    


155th St. On the other side, take the ramp gaily forward towards, but
not onto, Harlem River Drive.  If you use the dedicated bike lane on the
right, watch out for glass. Most of the way down the ramp there’s an
entrance to a bike path via a small break in the concrete wall on your
left; take it. If you find yourself going down the ramp and onto a
service road, you’ve gone too far.

This path leads over the FDR Drive and back to the High Bridge Park
greenway along the river, which runs uninterrupted all the way to
Dyckman St.

  X At the end of the bike path, cross Tenth Ave. — the traffic light has a
crossing light for cyclists — and  continue on Dyckman to Broadway;
cross Broadway.
  BL Riverside Drive. Follow the signs to pick up the Hudson River Greenway;
there is a set of stairs on the right just after you go under the
overpass towards the Henry Hudson Parkway.  If you find yourself on the
parkway, you have gone too far.
  FS At about 145th St., you’ll have to follow the greenway signs that lead
you around the sewage treatment plant.  After you pass the plant — you
will know when you’re passing it! — there is a security booth with
crossing barriers; stay to the left and you’ll see a passage for
cyclists.  Make a quick left and quick right, and you’re on Twelfth Ave.
headed downtown.  Follow the greenway signs, which will tell you to make
a right at 125th St., then a left onto the parkway service road.  The
entrance to the Cherry Tree Walk bike path will be on your right, just
before the on-ramp to the Henry Hudson Parkway.
  FS At around 92nd St. you’ll have to bear east (left) under the pass to get
up to Riverside Park; bear right on the ramp back to the greenway at
around 81st St.  There is a garden on the left once you are up on the
esplanade, and greenway signs direct you.
L 14th St.    
L Third Ave. for one block.    
L 15th St.