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Camp Welmet Ride


The Route to Camp Welmet

By Shawn Hill and Magda Teter

L – Left Turn Right Turn – R

Zero your computer at the Manhattan side of the Broadway Bridge

Broadway north into the Bronx

0.3 L 230 Street

0.5 R Corlear

1.2 R 240 Street


1.3 L Broadway into Yonkers

3.3 L Valentine

3.6 R Riverdale Ave. becomes Warburton

go through Hastings on Hudson

9.5 L Broadway at traffic light

10.3 L Livingston at traffic light

becomes Main

10.9 R Cedar Street T-intersection

11.1 L Broadway at Grand Union

11.2 L Broadway to follow Ö through Tarrytown

16.2 R Bedford Steep Hill (Rt. 448)

16.4 L Weber Av.

16.9 Merge with Sleepy Hollow at Stop

18.3 L Old Sleepy Hollow at fork

L Sleepy Hollow at Stop

20.9 L Scarborough at T-intersection

21.4 R Holbrook Rd at T-intersection becomes Holden

22.4 L EM Wilton Place at stop

22.6 R Highland Ave. at traffic light

24.3 Bear Right & Follow signs to Quaker Bridge Rd.

24.4 R Albany Post at stop which becomes Quaker Bridge Rd.

26.6 L over the Quaker Bridge don’t miss it. Steep downhill

27.1 L Grand Street Rt. 129 at stop

27.6 keep to the right at fork to stay on Grand St.

27.8 R Mt. Airy steep hill

29.1 L Mt. Airy Rd. West at T

30.5 R Furnace Dock Rd. at yield

30.8 L Washington St. over bridge at stop, into Peekskill

35.2 R South Street at traffic light

35.5 L N. Division St. at T-intersection becomes Oregon

37.3 L Pumphouse/Heady at traffic light

37.5 R Dogwood at T-intersection

38.0 Merge with Gallows Hill; becomes Sprout Brook Rd.

39.7 Bear Right becomes Canopus Rd.

42.0 L Horton Hollow Rd. dirt road, but okay.

42.9 L Canopus at T-intersection, becomes Long Ridge Trail then Dennytown Rd.

45.7 R Into Camp Welmet

#392 Dennytown Rd. during steep downhill

Cue Sheet for the Route Back to New York

L – Left Turn Right Turn – R

out of camp on Dennytown Rd.

becomes Long Ridge Trail then Canopus

2.7 R Horton Hollow dirt road

3.6 R Cimarron becomes Canopus becomes Sprout Brook becomes Gallows Hill

7.5 Bear Right on Dogwood

8.0 L Pumphouse Rd. go over bridge

8.3 R Oregon Rd. at light. Becomes Division

10.0 R Main St.

10.1 L Nelson

10.2 R South St.

10.4 L Washington St.

14.8 Stay Straight on Furnace Dock Rd. at stop

15.1 L Mt. Airy Rd. West steep hill

16.5 R Mt. Airy Rd. at stop

17.8 L Grand at T-intersection

18.1 L 129 at stop

18.5 R Bear Right down hill on Quaker Bridge Rd.

19.0 R after crossing Quaker Bridge becomes Old Albany Post

21.2 L Route 9 South at lights; becomes Highland

23.0 L EM Wilton Pl. at traffic lights

23.3 R Wolden Rd. at stop. Becomes Holbrook Rd.

24.2 L Scarborough Rd.

24.7 R Sleepy Hollow Rd.

25.6 L Long Hill Rd. steep hills

26.7 R South State at T-intersection

27.5 Straight onto Rt. 448

29.9 Straight onto Lake Rd.

30.6 R Neperan Rd. at T-intersection

31.4 L Sunnyside Ave. at stop

31.7 R Union Ave. at T-intersection

31.8 L Highland Ave at stop becomes Prospect Ave. steep downhill

32.7 L Broadway at T-intersection

36.4 R to stay on à

36.5 R Cedar St. into Dobbs Ferry

36.7 L Main St. before downhill

37.1 Bear left onto Livingston Ave.

37.3 R Broadway at traffic lights

38.1 R Warburton Ave. at traffic lights becomes Riverdale Ave.

L Valentine Lane at traffic lights at top of hill

44.2 R Broadway at T-intersection

46.3 R 240 St.

46.4 L Corlear

47.1 L 230 St. at T-intersection

47.2 R Broadway