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Best Of Brooklyn


by Ronn Seely

This 53-mi. ride begins and ends in Central Park and roughly follows the waterfront perimeter of Brooklyn.  The first 37 miles are very similar to the New York Century route.  Along the way are many Brooklyn landmarks:  the
Brooklyn Bridge, old Brownstone Brooklyn, Prospect Park, Green-wood Cemetery, Sunset Park, Owl’s Head Park, the Verrazano Bridge, Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay, Jamaica Bay, the Brooklyn Museum, Grand Army Plaza, the Navy Yard.  There are a lot of traffic lights, so allow plenty of time!

R=Right Turn L=Left Turn
BR=Bear Right BL=Bear Left
QR=Quick Right QL=Quick Left
X=Cross XA=Cross Above XU=Cross Under
GF=Gaily Forward eor=end of road
1.2 R onto 60th St. and continue to West End Ave. Note: the last block
is a “Do Not Enter” one-way, but it’s just one block and traffic is
1.7 L on West End Ave. (11th Ave.)
3.6 X 12th Ave. (aka West St.) at 22nd St. to Chelsea Piers
and follow the bike path south along the Hudson. [At the time of this writing,
the bike path is nearing completion, and you must go through the Chelsea Piers
building to get to the path]
5.8 L on Chambers St. (usually congested!) to end of street
6.4 R on Centre St.
QL onto Brooklyn Bridge. [Bike lane is now the north side.]
7.5 BR when path forks at end of bridge. Welcome to Brooklyn!
7.8 R on Tillary St. when path ends
7.9 R on Cadman Plaza West
QL on Clark St.
8.0 L on Henry St. (This is Brooklyn Heights.)
9.2 L on Union St. (You just went through Cobble Hill.)
9.9 R on 3rd Ave. after crossing the Union St. Bridge over the Gowanus
10.2 L on 3rd St. [Sign missing at time of writing! This is a wider
2-way street with a
big brick building on the left and a Staples farther down the block.]
11.0 X Prospect Park West at top of hill and enter Prospect Park. (You just saw
Park Slope.) Once inside the park, follow the road to the R. Be alert for the
11.7 R exit park shortly after the bandshell (on the right) before you turn left
down the hill. You’ll come out to a traffic circle. Go more than halfway
11.9 R on Prospect Park West. (This neighborhood is Windsor Terrace.)
12.2 R on 20th St. at Green-wood Cemetery. Follow the perimeter of the
12.5 L on 7th Ave.
12.6 R on 22nd St.
12.7 L on 6th Ave.
12.8 R on 24th St. along the cemetery
13.0 L on 5th Ave., still along the cemetery
13.7 L on 39th St. (Now you’re in Sunset Park.)
13.9 R on 6th Ave.
14.0 X 41st St. and take the path into Sunset Park. Cut straight across
the park – look back for a view of Manhattan and the harbor – and come out the
other side onto 6th Ave. again.
15.0 R on 61st St.
15.2 L on 5th Ave.
15.6 R on 68th St. Follow this all the way to the water. (Now you’re in
Bay Ridge and you pass Owl’s Head Park on the right.)
16.5 X Shore Rd. and get on the short bike path (one block). Go R under the
overpass (watch for glass!) and L onto the path along the harbor.
18.9 BR (stay on the path, keeping close to the water under the Verrazano
20.7 BL when the path forks near the end. (You’ve been riding along Gravesend Bay
through Dyker Beach Park – no jokes please.)
21.0 X Bay Pkwy. onto Shore Pkwy. service road (Belt Pkwy.)
21.7 R on Cropsey Ave.
22.4 R on Neptune Ave. (Now you’re in Coney Island.)
23.1 R on Bayview Ave.
23.7 L on Seagate Ave. (Seagate is a private gated community.)
QL on Poplar St.
23.9 R on W. 37th St.
24.1 L on Neptune Ave.
24.2 R on W. 36th St.
24.4 L on Surf Ave. (Pop up to Boardwalk for a look, but no riding on the
boardwalk except very early in the morning.)
26.3 R on Brighton Beach Ave. under the el tracks. If this is too congested, take
the next street over to the right (Brightwater) for a few blocks. (This is
Brighton Beach, a great place to practice your Russian.)
27.0 R on Corbin Pl.
QL on Oriental Blvd. Follow this to the end at Kingsborough CC. (This is
Manhattan Beach.)
27.9 L on Oxford St.
28.1 L on Shore Blvd. along Sheepshead Bay
28.9 R following Shore Blvd.
29.0 R on Emmons Ave. (Now you’re in Sheepshead Bay.)
29.7 R Rest Stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. There are several other delis and cafés
on this strip but many are not open Sunday morning.
30.2 BR at Brigham St and get on the bike path. Follow the bike path along Jamaica
Bay and the Belt Parkway for the next 6 miles. Be careful on the bridges!
32.1 X Flatbush Ave. at the light and follow the path to the left to continue
along the Belt Pkwy.
35.1 X Canarsie Pier recreation area and continue on the path along the Belt
36.2 L Pennsylvania Ave. (You are entering Starrett City, an acclaimed if remote
housing development.)
37.1 L on Flatlands Ave. at end of Starrett City. (You are entering
38.5 R on Remsen Ave.
39.8 BR on Kings Hwy. (service lane) at big intersection with Linden Blvd.
40.2 L on Rockaway Pkwy.
40.9 L on Eastern Pkwy. – use the bumpy bike path. (You are entering Crown
42.8 X Washington Ave. at the Brooklyn Museum, where bike lane ends. Cross over to
the service lane on the right side of Eastern Pkwy.
43.2 R on Plaza St. East when Eastern Pkwy ends at Grand Army Plaza –
QR on St. Johns Pl. –
43.3 L on Underhill Ave
43.8 X Atlantic Ave.when Underhill Ave. ends and follow Washington Ave. (You are
now entering Fort Greene / Clinton Hill.)
45.0 R on Flushing Ave. when Washington Ave. ends at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
45.3 L on Classon Ave.
45.4 L on Kent Ave. (Now you skirt the edge of Williamsburg along the East River.)
[Kent Ave. is quick but not very pretty; for a more scenic tour follow Bedford
Ave 2 blocks to the right; when it ends, continue on Nassau 3 blocks and go
left on McGuinness.]
47.5 GF Kent bends left and becomes Franklin St. (You are entering Greenpoint, a
Polish area.)
47.8 R on Greenpoint Ave.
48.2 L on McGuinness Ave.
48.6 GF across the Pulaski Bridge. There is a walkway on the left side of the
bridge–but traffic is light, so I always go with the cars. Bye bye
49.1 BR on Jackson Ave at end of bridge.
49.5 L on 44th Dr. after Citibank –
QR on Crescent St. (against traffic for a couple of blocks)
49.9 L onto the South walkway of the Queensboro Bridge. If the South walkway is
closed to bikes – which is likely – go one block right to cross Queens Plaza
and get on the North walkway instead.
51.4 L on 60th St. at end of bridge. You’ll have to loop around against
traffic for a half block to do this. Take 60th St. back to Central
52.1 R into Central Park and follow the drive to the Boathouse.
52.9 Finish!