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Back Way To Kensico Dam

Kensico Dam the Back Way (Upper Westchester)

by: Paulette Meggoe

From the Boathouse, this is a 65-mi. round trip. Mileage is between points
rather than cumulative.


R = Right turn   L = Left turn

BR = bear right   BL = bear left

QR = quick right   QL = quick left

GF = Gaily forward! (not "go straight"!)

X = Cross. Like Joan Crawford

I. Get Out of Town!

0.0 L From Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.

GF Exit Central Park onto 90th St. (Engineers’ Gate)

L Madison Ave.

L 138th St.; go one block west to Fifth Ave.

R Fifth Ave.; go one block onto West 139th.

GF Ramp onto Madison Bridge; cross bridge. Pass over Major Deegan Expressway on
Bronx side.

L Onto Grand Concourse. You’re in da Bronx!

GF Grand Concourse to end. Subway tracks (Lexington Ave. IRT) on your left.

L Mosholu Parkway South; go one block to intersection with Jerome Ave.

R Under subway tracks onto Jerome Ave. Follow tracks to end.

BL stay on Jerome Ave.

GF cross 233rd St.

GF ~1 mile parallel to NY Thruway

L Onto McLean Ave.; after second light and after X New York State Thruway
overpass, bear right, this becomes Midland Ave.

GF Midland to Yonkers Ave. ~ 2 miles.

L On Yonkers Ave.; go one block to lights.

R On Midland, one-half block.

QL Cook Ave. to end; runs into Miles Square Rd. Look right!

BL Miles Square Rd.

BR Past Halladam Road; you’re still on Miles Square Rd.

GF Downhill with tight turns and a single-lane bridge; slow down.

(~ 2 miles total on Miles Square Rd.): At bottom of hill is intersection with
Tuckahoe Rd; regroup at service station.

II. To the Dam!

R Tuckahoe Rd.; travel about 0.8 mi. to third traffic light, East Grassy Sprain

L East Grassy Sprain Rd. ~3.5 miles to Jackson Ave. (Next traffic light;
regroup again!)

X Jackson (we go a half-block against traffic; stay to your left and watch your

L Jackson Ave.

QR Back on Sprain Valley Rd. Uphill about two and a half blocks.

GF Sprain Valley Rd. to end, ~1 mile.

L Ardsley Rd; cross over Sprain Brook Parkway.

GF Downhill with hairpin right turn; slow down for traffic; make right turn at
four- way stop sign.

R Old Sprain Rd.; runs into Underhill Rd.

L Make left turn after the overpass onto Sprain Rd. and continue ~ 1 mile.

GF Sprain dead ends into Ridge Rd.

GF Continue on Ridge Rd. to rest stop at Ridge Rd. The park on your left has
water and bathrooms.

L Exit park. Continue on Ridge Rd. to bottom of hill; bear left, staying on
Ridge, at intersection with Hillcrest Rd.

L West Hartsdale Ave./Route 100A.

X Dobbs Ferry Rd. (major intersection).

GF West Hartsdale Rd. Becomes Knollwood Rd., still Route 100A.

GF Knollwood Rd. to end of Route 100A; total dist. on 100A ~ 4 miles.

At Grassland and Knollwood there are a couple of delis; regroup for lunch.

III. Why do I have a separate Roman numeral for this section?

GF Knollwood Rd. becomes Bradhurst Ave., Rt. 100, to bottom of hill, ~0.7

BR Lake View Ave., through Kensico Cemetery.

X Railroad tracks.

X Traffic light and continue uphill to end, ~1.4 miles.

R Columbus Ave. Water treatment plant on your left.

QL West Lake Drive (leads to top of Kensico Dam). Enjoy great views.

R End of West Lake Drive onto Rt. 22 southbound.

R Take first right and find your way into park at the bottom of the dam. Lunch
here if you didn’t previously.

IV. Homeward Bound

GF Route 22 south through White Plains; follow Route 22 through various street
names and intersections; pass through Hartsdale and Scarsdale.

L California Rd. (Town of Eastchester, ~10 miles from dam.) Watch for Vernon
Hills shopping mall and Lake Isle Country Club on left; California’s the second
light after the mall.

Stay on California Rd. ~3 miles.

R Hathaway Ave., uphill two blocks.

L Hewitt, one block.

R New Rochelle Ave.

BL Continue on Pondfield Rd. (~ 1 mile; road curves here.)

L Midland Ave. (This is not the Midland Ave. in Yonkers you were on going up.)
to Bronx River Parkway overpass; Parkway Rd.

Optional potty detour: R Parkway Rd. for toilets at Bronxville Station of Metro
North, about 0.5 mile.

GF Midland Ave., heading south (make R if you did potty detour).

BL After crossing over Bronx River Parkway, Midland Ave. curves.

X Under Cross County Parkway/Kimball Ave. (traffic light)

GF Midland Ave. becomes Bronx River Rd. after total of ~1 mile.

X 241st St.; stay on Bronx River Rd.

X 238th St. Nereid Ave. on your left, McLean Ave. on your right.

X 233rd St. Bronx River Rd. becomes Webster Ave. after total of ~3 miles. Metro
North station.

GF Webster Ave. ~ 1 mile to Gun Hill Rd. Last chance for Metro North.

R Gun Hill Rd. to Bainbridge Ave.; toilets at Montefiore Hospital.

Then either: R Bainbridge to end. No. 4 train is here.

    or: stay on Gun Hill Rd., L  Jerome Ave.

        L Mosholu Parkway South

        R  Grand Concourse; follow to
Madison Ave. downtown, reverse of route uptown.